Saturday Night (120909)

The annual SASS Alumni Homecoming event happened last saturday. My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins went. The homecoming event started since friday til sunday. I went to the friday night concert. We (my parents and i) were late but it's ok, we still get the watch a few acts before it ended. I met alot of friends there, although i am not an alumni of SASS. (Im an alumni of SM ALL SAINTS. yes, im a saint hehe) It was good to see them.

On saturday, we didnt attend church at Tamparuli. My folks said they'll attend the afternoon program. I didnt attend the afternoon program coz it was freaking hot. So i stayed home that afternoon. But in the evening i went there for the evening program.We didnt stay til the end of the program though coz it was getting late and we had another place to go to.

We went to Alamesra's Seremban Seafood Restaurant for supper coz we were still hungry. I had Mee soup ikan..i think most of us had that. since the time was already approaching 12am, mau healthy2 sikit la kunun hehehe.

That was my second time there, and i know it wont be my last :)

Seremban Seafood Restaurant

My mee soup ikan :)
The happy people around the table.. Yum.. yum..

After supper we went home. Since i was the one insisting to take the leftover cake home from Tamparuli, I was the one who had to put the cake in the refridgerator. To save space, i cut the cake into smaller pieces and put it in the container. brilliant idea hehe :P

When i was re-arranging the fridge to make space for the containers, i spot something:
I totally forgot about these chocolates.. i was so tempted to eat one Kinder Bueno (one of my fav choc.) but i managed to not give into temptation hehe. I am so proud of myself *pats herself in the back* :P

Let's see what else is in the fridge shall we?

Oooooh..Kek lapis Sarawak that my sister bought

This is the cake i was talking about earlier. all ready to go in the fridge.

So many yummy yet fattening food in my fridge. should i be happy or sad? hahaha..

♥ P.


mama rock said…
kinder bueno is my fav choc too!
Pammie said…
Kinder bueno rocks!

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