Hello, Four Eyes

In my previous post, i mentioned that i was going to get myself computer eyeglasses right? well, i got it. But it's not entirely for computer usage. When i was at the eye opticianer, the lady checked my eyes and said i had astigmatism and i was like, what?

The pictures above are taken in my car at Wima Muis while waiting for mom to come down.. yea, mom takes a loooong time to come down from her office. That explains the many shots of me haha.. i just jumble all of them together to save space :D

Anyway, it's been raining for the whole day today hasn't it? i just hope there wont be any places flooding or else there would be traffic jam here and there. I hate traffic jams.

There are some events that happened during the weekend but i'll just save it for later :) Sorry i havent been updating as much.. ive been busy with work and stuff so yea. But it doesnt mean ive abandoned this blog. i wouldnt do that *shakes head*

♥ P.


Donna said…
you still look cute even with glasses:)
Pammie said…
heheh thx donna :D im still getting used to wearing glasses ni
Kal-El said…
i agree, you're still beautiful with the glasses... :)
Pammie said…
hey, thanks for the compliment Kal-El! :D

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