Sorry, I'm Not RIS

Last night i got a text message that says "Hai, selamat malam ris" (Hi, good night ris) and i stared at the messge for a while. The reason was because first, the number isnt registered in my cellphone. Second, the person was calling me RIS. Was he referring to the 'RES' from DELORES? Nobody ever calls me RIS. euw. Okay, while im on this subject, let me just make it clear to those who don't know how to say my name right. It's pronounced as de-lo-res not di-lo-ris or do-lo-ris or do-lo-res. Alot of people get it wrong.

Oh, and my second name Pammie.. it's pronounced PE-MI not pa-mi ahh?!

got it? :) so no more mistakes from now on k.

Ok, back to the message. I then replied "sepa ni?" (who is this?). The person replied "mungkin kamu tak kenal dah. Saya Jefri, dulu pernah terserempak di centre point kan, dah lupa mungkin, ko yg bagi no phone kan, tak mengapalah, tq.." (maybe you don't remember me anymore. Im Jefri, we came across each other at Centre Point. You gave me your number, it's ok, tq)


I really have no memory of giving out my number to a guy name Jefri.
I dont even have friends with the name Jefri.

I guess the "RIS" he was referring to wasn't for me. I think he salah number. If you're wondering what i reply to "Jefri" think no more coz i didnt.

The weird part of the second message was,
why did he thank me at the end of the message? *thinking*

♥ P.


Gallivanter said…
delores - the-law-res...

pammie - pear-mee...


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