Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is not my cat. This is a PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) cat. It came to my house a week ago and it doesnt want to leave. We at first ignored it for a few days but after a while the meowing becomes so annoying so we gave food to it hoping that it will go away after being fed.

But guess what? we were dead wrong. I think the cat just decided to make our house as her new home. Haiya.. another PTI at home. This happened a year (i think) ago but it was a dog that time. But that dog is cool.. it does its work and i kinda like him. He's an OK dog. But about the newbie at home, urgh. I dont like her (it's a female cat) because i dont like cats for starters and second, the meowing is annoying (no offence to all the cat lovers out there. Im sorry but i just dont like cats).

I really hope the neighbor's cat or dog will stop coming to our house and making our place their permanent place to live :-/

♥ P.


Beth said...

Tiuttt ooo the cat ms...syukur 1 ekor ja...rmh kmi bnyk ne kucing PTI dtng menginap...tuk kui...
x kira d mna kmi tgl...da ja kucing mau dtng...hmm pelik...hehe
buttt they do cheer our life eventhough sometimes a bit annoying...hehe

Pammie said...

sekarang ada 2 ikur kucing PTI.. hmmph! tapi sa balik2 halau hahaha.