College Graduation

This was taken last week after spending an hour in the saloon.

I had to get my hair done because the college was having it's first convocation and me and my new-found BFF (bob!!) had the priviledge of performing at the event. Me and Bob sang R.Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" which i'll upload in my next post :D for this post, let the pictures rule!

The auditorium an hour before the program start.
Mr Bob a.k.a Mr J***** hahah
My makeup was done by the talented Mr Bob. Thanks J, you're the best! :)
Bob and I performing "I Believe I Can Fly"
Some of the female lecturers and staff in our robes, before entering the hall.
The male lecturers..
After the graduation, i took pictures with some of my ex-students :-/ i feel so old haha!
Some candid moments...
BFFs! :)

p/s: the resolution of the pictures are not that good, it's because i resized them then i learned about how to make your pictures appear bigger in blogger. d'oh! it wont happen again in the future, so please excuse me this time :D

♥ P.


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