Friday, September 18, 2009

I Want Kuih Makmur.

Selamat Hari Raya to not just all muslims but to all Malaysians :)

Maaf Zahir & Batin





Ok, can someone bring in the kuih makmur, please? :D

Happy Holidays!!

♥ P.


I first heard this song when Passion made his rendition of the song. If you guys dont know, the original singer of this song is Asia Cruise. I shot this video in only one take. It was already late and i havent taken my bath yet! haha.. (shh, dont tell ;P)


♥ P.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sorry, I'm Not RIS

Last night i got a text message that says "Hai, selamat malam ris" (Hi, good night ris) and i stared at the messge for a while. The reason was because first, the number isnt registered in my cellphone. Second, the person was calling me RIS. Was he referring to the 'RES' from DELORES? Nobody ever calls me RIS. euw. Okay, while im on this subject, let me just make it clear to those who don't know how to say my name right. It's pronounced as de-lo-res not di-lo-ris or do-lo-ris or do-lo-res. Alot of people get it wrong.

Oh, and my second name Pammie.. it's pronounced PE-MI not pa-mi ahh?!

got it? :) so no more mistakes from now on k.

Ok, back to the message. I then replied "sepa ni?" (who is this?). The person replied "mungkin kamu tak kenal dah. Saya Jefri, dulu pernah terserempak di centre point kan, dah lupa mungkin, ko yg bagi no phone kan, tak mengapalah, tq.." (maybe you don't remember me anymore. Im Jefri, we came across each other at Centre Point. You gave me your number, it's ok, tq)


I really have no memory of giving out my number to a guy name Jefri.
I dont even have friends with the name Jefri.

I guess the "RIS" he was referring to wasn't for me. I think he salah number. If you're wondering what i reply to "Jefri" think no more coz i didnt.

The weird part of the second message was,
why did he thank me at the end of the message? *thinking*

♥ P.


My cousin is getting hitched this sunday (20.09.2009 <-- nice date huh?) and she asked me to sing a song on her wedding. At first i wanted to sing Beautiful by Jim Brickman because i got the score sheet of the song plus, the song is just beautiful. But when i tried it on piano, alamak.. it was too low for my voice. hmmph! So i browsed youtube for some ideas and i came across this song by Roselle Nava called You. If only i can find the instrumental for this song i definitely would pick this :) Read on the lyrics..

You give me hope,
The strength, the will to keep on
No one else can make me feel this way
And only you
Can bring out all the best I can do
I believe you turn the tide
And make me feel real good inside.

You pushed me up
When I'm about to give up
You're on my side when no one seems to listen
And if you go,
You know the tears can't help but show
You'll break this heart and tear it apart
Then suddenly the madness starts

It's your smile,
Your face, your lips that I miss,
Those sweet little eyes that stare at me
And make me say,
I'm with you through all the way.
'Cause it's you
Who fills the emptiness in me;
It changes ev'rything, you see,
When I know I've got you with me

You pushed me up
When I'm about to give up;
You're on my side when no one seems to listen
And if you go,
You know the tears can't help but show
You'll break this heart and tear it apart;
Then suddenly the madness starts
..nice huh? :)

here's the song..

♥ P.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Around the House

I love spending time at home during the weekends. I prefer just staying at home and not have to go anywhere, especially to the city. I go to work in the city 5 days a week so it is nice to just stay at home for a change.
This particular weekend, after doing laundry i took a stroll around the house. I started at the backyard and ended infront of the house at the garage.

Guess what i found along the way?

Pumpkin! there were two waiting to be picked :)
I walked further and i saw a bunch of other things that i havent noticed up til now..

Manggis. Will be ripe in.. say, next month?

This one's common. mana2 pun ada..but i always like this. they're cute..

Rambutans (not ripe yet)

I also found 2 pettula.. there's more but they're still young.. Not quite ready yet.
Look at all the hungry fishes begging to be fed in my dad's pond.. (im not cruel. i fed them after i took this picture :D)

My brother, Dr. Kenny with one of the pumpkin.
Durians on the ground. but they weren't good so we left them there.

Look up! Those are durians hanging on the tree.. my brother told me to speed up just incase the durian will fall.

So you see, this is why i prefer being in the kampung than in the city. Fresh air, fresh vegetables from the yard, fish from the pond and not mentioning the plenty of fruits that can be plucked from the trees. I remember me and my brother climbing the manggis and the langsat trees. climbing trees and plucking them is no biggie, the hard part was carrying the fruits up the hill haha. Me and my brother had to stop a few times coz they were quite heavy.

We probably will be doing it again this fruit season. Will update you guys when the fruits are all ripe.

♥ P.

Saturday Night (120909)

The annual SASS Alumni Homecoming event happened last saturday. My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins went. The homecoming event started since friday til sunday. I went to the friday night concert. We (my parents and i) were late but it's ok, we still get the watch a few acts before it ended. I met alot of friends there, although i am not an alumni of SASS. (Im an alumni of SM ALL SAINTS. yes, im a saint hehe) It was good to see them.

On saturday, we didnt attend church at Tamparuli. My folks said they'll attend the afternoon program. I didnt attend the afternoon program coz it was freaking hot. So i stayed home that afternoon. But in the evening i went there for the evening program.We didnt stay til the end of the program though coz it was getting late and we had another place to go to.

We went to Alamesra's Seremban Seafood Restaurant for supper coz we were still hungry. I had Mee soup ikan..i think most of us had that. since the time was already approaching 12am, mau healthy2 sikit la kunun hehehe.

That was my second time there, and i know it wont be my last :)

Seremban Seafood Restaurant

My mee soup ikan :)
The happy people around the table.. Yum.. yum..

After supper we went home. Since i was the one insisting to take the leftover cake home from Tamparuli, I was the one who had to put the cake in the refridgerator. To save space, i cut the cake into smaller pieces and put it in the container. brilliant idea hehe :P

When i was re-arranging the fridge to make space for the containers, i spot something:
I totally forgot about these chocolates.. i was so tempted to eat one Kinder Bueno (one of my fav choc.) but i managed to not give into temptation hehe. I am so proud of myself *pats herself in the back* :P

Let's see what else is in the fridge shall we?

Oooooh..Kek lapis Sarawak that my sister bought

This is the cake i was talking about earlier. all ready to go in the fridge.

So many yummy yet fattening food in my fridge. should i be happy or sad? hahaha..

♥ P.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fire Friday

This morning while on my way to work i saw clouds of smoke coming from Damai area. I suspect there was a fire going on cause the smoke clouds were too little for me to say it was an open burning. So as I approach Damai area, my suspicion was true.. there was a fire!

The traffic light was red, so i ambik kesempatan to take some pictures of the scene from inside of my car hehehe. I thought some kedai makan was on fire, but it turned out to be an electrical shop.
The clouds of smoke that i saw from afar that raised my suspicion.
The fire fighters working on eliminating the fire

Im sure this will make it in the newspaper tomorrow.

♥ P.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello, Four Eyes

In my previous post, i mentioned that i was going to get myself computer eyeglasses right? well, i got it. But it's not entirely for computer usage. When i was at the eye opticianer, the lady checked my eyes and said i had astigmatism and i was like, what?

The pictures above are taken in my car at Wima Muis while waiting for mom to come down.. yea, mom takes a loooong time to come down from her office. That explains the many shots of me haha.. i just jumble all of them together to save space :D

Anyway, it's been raining for the whole day today hasn't it? i just hope there wont be any places flooding or else there would be traffic jam here and there. I hate traffic jams.

There are some events that happened during the weekend but i'll just save it for later :) Sorry i havent been updating as much.. ive been busy with work and stuff so yea. But it doesnt mean ive abandoned this blog. i wouldnt do that *shakes head*

♥ P.