High School Reunion

I attended my 10th year high school reunion last week and i had so much fun meeting up with all my ex-classmates and ex-schoolmates at Putera. After 10 year, guess what? we all look the same hahaha! i really was hoping to see them looking old, or have matured but all of us were still the same. Our characters, our behaviors were still the same! the only difference was we were more advanced in terms of style, some had beer bellys, some carrying babies.. :) most of them were married already.

Here are some pictures of that night that i copied from my friends at facebook:
The girls at my table.. Elena, Me, Naza, Janet, Ann, Alice & Lesley.

The Jadeians, 10 years later :)

Let see if i can get it right: From the top on the left is Raji Dave, Cham, Salam, Heri, Arief, and Mahardani at the end. Below is us girls: Alice, Ann, Elena, Janet, Lesley, Me and Naza

Me and Naza with our "Name tags" hehe :)

Me, about to sing Selena's Dreaming of You. One of my favourite songs of the 90's

There was a karaoke competition and i was called to represent my table. Who won? everyone won hahaha! the prize was a bottle of Chivas and everyone wanted a sip of it so we (the contestants) decided to share the drink with everyone.

It was a nite to remember. Another reunion coming up in say, 5 or 10 years time. Who knows by that time i will be bringing a husband and/ or a child with me at the reunion? we'll have to wait and see..

♥ P.


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