What Matters The Most.

Tomorrow (22nd Feb) is the day of the karaoke singing competition. Last nite i went to Hunter's (the venue) to submit my application form with a friend of mine, who happens to be joining the competition too. The workers there told us we can try our songs there that nite, so we did. My friend went first. OMG! she has improved alot since the last time we practiced together! I know i should be rooting for her (and i am!) but it's hard to do so if you're also fighting for the same title.

At dinner, i kept on thinking and thinking how am i gonna beat her? she is singing Jaclyn Victor's victory song, "Gemilang" and i have to tell you, my friend sang it like it was her own victory song. I'm gonna be singing Christina Aguilera's song, "Reflection". I did so much thinking i slept at 2am haha! seee how much of a thinker i am?

Anyways, all of that changed when this morning a colleague of mine chat with me on facebook. He said things to me that seemed to opened my mind. I mean, after all it's only a singing competition. It's not a matter of life and death. If my life depends on the prize money.. itu lain cerita la kan. I have a stable job that pays good money. So im just going to enjoy the ride. Im in the competition for experience.

Whatever happens tomorrow, it will not matter because i believe i will enjoy the experience. And that's what matters the most :)

♥ P.


Kal-El said…
that's today! wheeee! break a leg, pammie :)
Pammie Pajammie said…
Thanks! but i was just been called last nite and the competition has been postponed! i guess it's a yeaayyy for me because im having a mild sore throat. :-/
Kal-El said…
Maybe they're just scared of you? hehehe.. Get well soon :)
Pammie Pajammie said…
Hahah! i hope they will reschedule the date of the competition soon! cant wait to get this thing over with :P

Thanks Kal-El! :)

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