Cleaning Your Desk Day

Since it is my final days at my workplace, i decided to clean out my desk yesterday. Not that it was messy or anything but it did have a lot of stuff (files, books, papers, etc) and it's really taking up the whole desk.

I was half way through when i decided to take a picture of my desk which looks like this with all the files (donated to my colleague) and loose papers (sent it to the "recycled papers" box) on my desk.

After say, an hour or so my desk transformed into

Sorry, the pictures aren't that clear. I used my cellphone camera to take the pictures :-)

Im gonna be on leave today. I still have a few days of annual leave and i dont want to waste it. I need to run some errands and it can only be done today.

Oh and by the way, about the big thing that i have been hinting on in the previous post, well it is that am joining a karaoke singing competition on the 22nd of February at Hunter's. It's only the 1st heat im still unsure if i'll make it to the semi-finals. But hey, it's worth a shot right? The last time i joined a karaoke singing competition was back in college (some 5 years ago) where i sang "I Turn To You" by Christina Aguilera and won 1st place. But the competition wasn't tight so it was easy for them to pick me as winner, that's what i think hehehe. But for this coming competition, i am reaaaallly unsure of making it. there is a lot of good talents out there. I just hope i can make it to the top 5 :) About song choice, we need to list down 2 songs so my picks are "Reflection" by Christina Aguilera and "Alone" by Heart. What do you think about the song choices? Do you think it is good enough for competition? I originally wanted to sing "Dont Cry Out Loud" by Melissa Manchester and "Broken Hearted Girl" by Beyonce but changed my mind this week.

Please comment. If you have any song you want to recommend me for the competition please do so! The competition is getting nearer and it's time for serious practicing :)

It's 6.31am here. It's still cold but here i am blogging away LOL! Im so used to waking up early everyday. But the good thing about waking up early today is that i dont have to go to work today. Yeayy!

Have a good day!

♥ P.


Kal-El said…
break a leg, Pammie!

when my friend, Rachelle Ann, joined the contest that made her a star, she sang "Through the Rain" :)

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