Im No Fakey

Yea, I am no fakey that's why i dont wear colored contact lenses and fake eyelashes.


There is a reason to why i do not wear them:

It's because i dont know how to wear them. Yes. You read it right, i don't know how to apply fake eyelashes AND my eyes are still virgins to contact lenses. I have never worn contact lenses.

And you know what? I recently (this year) have the interest to try them on. I see other girls wearing them and i find it pretty on them. I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO WEAR THEM! and guess what? I've got people to teach me how to wear them right LOL! to some people, this is easy peasy.. a piece o'cake and it's not like i didnt try, I did.. I tried applying those fake eyelashes but i cant get it right. Urgh. I guess i just dont have any talent in doing so :( i need to attend a crash course on it hahah!

So the next time you see me.. my eyes be differennt in color AND my eyelashes will be lonnnnngggger! which means, i'll be looking much more prettier! (i sound vain on the last line, but dont worry.. i dont usually sound this vain in real life hehehehe)

Im getting a bit worried because im scheduled to sing this saturday (at church) AND on sunday for the wedding and i still have flu! :( I hope i'll recover soon! soon as in like, tomorrow?? I have another big event coming up but i'll tell you guys about that in another post when everything's finalized ;-)

Aight. I think this is about it for today's entry.

Take care, readers! (whoever you may be, thanks for visiting)

♥ P.


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