I'm A Fan of FM!! Are You??

FAR EAST MOVEMENT!! (Or FM in short)

OMG! I can't believe i only heard about this group! They are so next level awesome! Thanks to their "Like A G6" song that is constantly being played all over. The song was stuck in my head.

Anyways, i have two of their albums Animal and Free Wired in my possesion :) It's gonna be played again and again, that i can assure you that. If you like fast catchy songs like me.. I recommend you to listen to FM. You won't regret it.

I just came back from SMC not because i went to get treatment for my red eye, but because i was accompanying MJK for hi eye review. He also have red eye but it is more serious than mine. But it is getting better now, thank God for that.

I'm skipping gym this evening because of my red eye. Gym usually will be packed at this hour so i decided to go tomorrow morning where there are less people there. Monday is ending. Hurray for that! =)


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