My Christmas Gift

I was thinking of what to get myself for Christmas this year and i was thinking maybe something gadgety, say like a phone? :)

Since Blackberry has come out with it's new Blackberry Bold 9780 i was thinking of getting one and join the Blackberry wagon! It was actually between iPhone and Blackberry but since most of my friends are using Blackberry, it would be more convenient to get one. We could BBM all day hehe. Somemore, i don't really fancy touchscreens. I've tried touchscreen with my sonyericsson and what i realize is, i am more of a qwerty handset person. I am using Nokia E63 and it serves me well but that's just it - Twitter and Facebook is not at the tip of my fingers. I mean, the applications are there (downloaded!) but still, the feeling's not the same. So i'm gonna get it.


Kal-El said…
wow! i so want this, too! haha. i found the sony ericsson xperia x10 mini cute, but i'm more of a querty user too, and i've also been using my E63 for 2 years now. haha
igxesoft said…
It's really beautiful.

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