Sunday Baking.

Last sunday MJK came over to have dinner with the family. Mom cooked vegetable, fish and soup. I didn't really felt good having him come over to eat my mom's cooking. So what I did was bake :) Since it was a last minute kind of thing, i made the simplest thing I know - APPLE PIE.

I made 15 apple pies! distributed to my sister's family, kept 7 to ourselves and packed 4 for MJK to bring home later.

You can't bake apple pie without apples. This is instant apple mix. I bought the one ready in a can hehe.. I main buyuk this time :P

The pastry ready to go into the oven.

The pies half cook.

After 18 - 20 minutes in the oven..







But it doesn't look good as it taste because my filling was too much haha.. It exploded while it was cooking :D

Next baking experiment will be Cheesecake!


Donna said…
yummylicious! btw...hope u don't mind me asking..who is MJK?
Pammie said…
MJK is my bf hehe. :)

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