Merlion City

This weekend i will be going to Merlion City! Yes! Singapore!! I'm so happy i can be somewhere else for a change this weekend :) Since this is my first time to go to Singaore, I have prepared a list of places to go to. The list i got it from some travelling forum on the internet.

The list.

Anyhoo, on Monday (28th Feb) i will be having an appointment with a dermatologist at the hospital. I am kind of worried for what the verdict will be but at the same time, i am happy that i finally took action on this 'thing' i'm having. Sorry guys, i won't be revealing what 'thing' i'm having just yet :D I'll talk about it post-appointment hehehe.


Anonymous said… come Universal Studios at the end of the list?? Don't forget to visit Imbiah Lookout, to see the other Merlion and experience lots of outdoor activities, and the Tiger Tower. There's a free coach ride from Uni Studios to Imbiah.

Don't forget Bugis street too, lotsa cheap souvenirs there. Have fun!
Pammie said…
My vacay was only 4 days 3 nights.. NOT ENOUGH!!!! Im upset i couldnt spend more time to explore Singapore. Will upload pics soon! :)

Yes. I agree with you Bugis Street got lots of cheap souvenirs there!

I definitely am gonna go back!

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