Day 11 (11.02.11) : What's In Your Makeup Bag?

I usually bring a small makeup bag with me to work but i've upgraded it to a bigger pouch because the small one is always full and i can barely zip it up.

My new makeup bag is always full but i've put out the stuffs that i kind of rarely use out from the bag. So this is how my makeup bag looks like. A few lipstick (various brands from Maybelline, Silkygirl to Revlon), eyeshadow (Markwins), blusher by Silkygirl (tu besar2 nama brand dia) hehe.. i just like the shade of pink it has, so i bought it. To be honest, i don't really go for unknown brands because hey, it's your skin.. i think we girls need to take extra care of our skin. But for me, Silkygirl can be considered as a trusted brand in Malaysia. Facepowder by ZA, face blotters by Gatsby and concealing cream by Maxi-peel.


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