Day 7 (07.02.11) : Your Dream Wedding

Aah.. weddings!

I have been planning my 'dream wedding' since i was 12 years old. I believe every girl has been doing the same thing! A wedding will not be a wedding without a dress. My dream dress will be a dress that looks somewhat like Grace Kelly's wedding dress:

This style of dress will fit me so perfectly because 1) i'm such a vintage lover 2) 'menutup aurat' hehe. When i get married, I want the areas that should be covered, be decently covered.


Sunflowers. lots and lots of them!


Red, peach, yellow & orange + creamy off white color


The church that i attended since i was a kid up til now. The very same church where i was baptized as a Christian.


Since i love the beach it would be great to have a reception near the beach. :)

There will also be a lot of good music (recorded & live). Just writing this down makes me excited! haha.. but the reeeaaaallll question is: WHO WILL THE GROOM BE? hehe. Only God knows who :)


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