It has been a very long while since i posted anything here. The reason of my absent was: lazy, busy, lazy, lazy, busy hehehe.

My laziness was caused by my busy-ness. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and everytime i say i'm going to blog after gym it will not happen because i get so tired and thus lazy. But since now i have some liiiiiittttlllllee extra time (more than half of the class was absent so i dismissed my students early) to kill so here i am blogging!

This year i joined the BIM (Borneo International Marathon) again and i participated in the same category again : 10km. But this time, my time improved than last year's run. I don't know why, but i am kind of addicted to running now. I have even joined a group of runners on Facebook thanks to my friend, Danne :D This sunday will be my first time running with the group. Although i don't think i am going to run 21km with them. I'm going to go slow. I'll just do the 10km run.

My official time for this year :D Improved, eh? i think it is quite good considering i had no outdoor running training prior to the run.

My 2nd 10km monkey medal.

Up close with the monkey medal.

I'm planning to get my 1st 21km monkey medal next year!

Waiting for my cup of cold Milo.

I think thats about it. I've just been called to submit the marks for the students' past exam which i am still working on haha!

Oh, and by the way i am going to start blogging morrre! *fingers crossed*


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