wall climbing

I went wall climbing for the first time in my life last nite at Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre (SICC) at Likas. Before i went, i spend a good 1 hour or so at the gym - running. I told my friends i need to warm up first.. hahahah!!

When i reached SICC, At first i was not really sure if i could climb it. But just after 1 shot of a climb, and i was hooked! I am so loving it.. gonna make it a regular activity in my life :)


Getting chalk on my palms

Climbing on

A little bit more......

Yeay! i made it!

These pictures were taken during my 1st climb.

I climbed 3 more times after that.

It was damn tiring yet challenging and i like it!! You can't believe how sweaty you'll get when you climb. I was dry when i climbed, when i went down i was sweating like mad.

The whole group (minus fara who had to go back early)

//pictures are not that good since it was taken using my blackberry :D
but okaylahh.. still viewable


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