Thank God It's Friday!

It's Friday once again and i am more than thankful that the weekend's here! I am so tired!! physically..

To count up all the KMs i've ran this week would be: 36.65km. At this moment, i just feel like i wanna sleep. But i can't since i'm at work.. so, yeah. I slept quite early last night, around 11pm and woke up at 6.30am. I had to bring my make up with me to work today because i don't want to be late. Being late means going back late and it's Friday. I don't want to go home late.

Here's some faces of me taken by my laptop's webcam after i've done my face :D




I've realized that life is too precious and too short to fret, worry and be sad about things that didn't turn out the way we want it to be but look around, open your eyes.. there's a lot more things to be grateful and happy for.

It's not easy for me to say it because i learned the hard way to appreciate the little things in life. After all, it's the little things in life that matters the most sometimes right? Now that i have learned a really valuable lesson by experiencing it first hand, i just hope and pray i wont make the same mistake again in the future.



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