Thursday, June 16, 2011

wall climbing

I went wall climbing for the first time in my life last nite at Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre (SICC) at Likas. Before i went, i spend a good 1 hour or so at the gym - running. I told my friends i need to warm up first.. hahahah!!

When i reached SICC, At first i was not really sure if i could climb it. But just after 1 shot of a climb, and i was hooked! I am so loving it.. gonna make it a regular activity in my life :)


Getting chalk on my palms

Climbing on

A little bit more......

Yeay! i made it!

These pictures were taken during my 1st climb.

I climbed 3 more times after that.

It was damn tiring yet challenging and i like it!! You can't believe how sweaty you'll get when you climb. I was dry when i climbed, when i went down i was sweating like mad.

The whole group (minus fara who had to go back early)

//pictures are not that good since it was taken using my blackberry :D
but okaylahh.. still viewable

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Operation Malaysia.

After MCMC's (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) action of blocking P2P (peer to peer) or file sharing websites listed below, came this warning from a famous P2P website, The Pirate Bay.

Blocked Sites:

My say on the warning (whether it is a scam or not) : Kotoh! baru tauuu!!! Come on lah.. you are taking people's basic right to freedom. Like many of you out there, i am also a huge fan of downloads. I'll openly say i download my music, movies, tv series but if you claim i download for free you are damn wrong. Like everyone out there I pay my internet bills every freakin month for what? a not-so decent connection line. Don't you feel like you've been ripped off??

I haven't met anyone who felt happy about this issue. If there is, there's seriously something wrong with you man. Oh, if you're internet is acting up and cannot stream the video above, i'll make things easier for you. This is what the video is saying:

" Greetings, Malaysia, We have seen the censorship taken by the Malaysian government, blocking sites like The Pirate Bay, and WikiLeaks. Malaysia is one of the world’s strictest governments, even blocking out movies, and television shows. These acts of censorship are inexcusable. You are taking away a basic human right. The internet is here for freedom, without fear of government interference. Do not think that no one else notices. Your structured government has done the talking, and we hear loud and clear. Let this be an announcement to all your people. This is a sign, a warning, and an opportunity to listen to ideas above your own. In a way you are being stubborn. But how will this help anyone or your country. We fear that if you make further decisions to take away human freedom. We are obligated to act fast and have no mercy. For rules were meant to be broken. And corruption was meant to be washed away and forgiven. Now we will wash your corruption away so be prepared. Take this as a favor."

(Photo courtesy of

(photo courtesy of

The above letter is the sample letter for your reading. Has your ISP started to block your access to the above sites already?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Queen B.

I can't wait for her new album "4" to come out on June 28th!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Latest Obsession.

R U N N I N G .

Yes. I love running. It doesn't matter if it's on the treadmill or running outdoors. I just simply LOVE to run!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love Yourself.

for my own wellbeing, i am going to close the chapter of my life which has been very dear to me. i should have done it long ago but i just cant. to be honest, if i dont do it now im afraid i'll get sick. the last thing that i want for myself is to be depressed.

i can only do, feel and think so much alone on a two-way street. i love him, yes. but i wont allow myself to be treated this way. i feel pity for my ownself. i need to distance myself, find myself back and try to find happiness within myself again.

this depression can't go on.

i love you, goodbye.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cupcake Bake.

There's alot of things that i have not done in so long! one of them is baking. Me and my colleagues love to eat and watch cooking shows i.e. masterchef, junior masterchef, DC cupcakes, Cupcake girls.. just to name a few. Two of us came of with the idea of baking cupcakes this weekend and try to perfect it like DC Cupcakes' cupcakes.

I've got my ingredients ready :D Just waiting for the right time to bake hehehe. Is there such thing as a right time to bake? hmmm.. -.-

Milk, cream cheese, margerine (i prefer using margerine everytime),
my chopped walnuts, sugar & flour.

Oh, just so you know i'm planning to bake carrot cupcakes since i love carrot cakes :)
I'm so hoping the cupcakes will turn out fine and dandy. But most importantly, it is edible hahah!

I don't know if i'll be able to join the zombi-fied sunday run organized by the AdiNation of runners KK on facebook. My left knee kinda hurts when i walk so i'll maybe use that time to bake instead of run!

Thank God It's Friday!

It's Friday once again and i am more than thankful that the weekend's here! I am so tired!! physically..

To count up all the KMs i've ran this week would be: 36.65km. At this moment, i just feel like i wanna sleep. But i can't since i'm at work.. so, yeah. I slept quite early last night, around 11pm and woke up at 6.30am. I had to bring my make up with me to work today because i don't want to be late. Being late means going back late and it's Friday. I don't want to go home late.

Here's some faces of me taken by my laptop's webcam after i've done my face :D




I've realized that life is too precious and too short to fret, worry and be sad about things that didn't turn out the way we want it to be but look around, open your eyes.. there's a lot more things to be grateful and happy for.

It's not easy for me to say it because i learned the hard way to appreciate the little things in life. After all, it's the little things in life that matters the most sometimes right? Now that i have learned a really valuable lesson by experiencing it first hand, i just hope and pray i wont make the same mistake again in the future.


Thursday, June 9, 2011



It has been a very long while since i posted anything here. The reason of my absent was: lazy, busy, lazy, lazy, busy hehehe.

My laziness was caused by my busy-ness. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and everytime i say i'm going to blog after gym it will not happen because i get so tired and thus lazy. But since now i have some liiiiiittttlllllee extra time (more than half of the class was absent so i dismissed my students early) to kill so here i am blogging!

This year i joined the BIM (Borneo International Marathon) again and i participated in the same category again : 10km. But this time, my time improved than last year's run. I don't know why, but i am kind of addicted to running now. I have even joined a group of runners on Facebook thanks to my friend, Danne :D This sunday will be my first time running with the group. Although i don't think i am going to run 21km with them. I'm going to go slow. I'll just do the 10km run.

My official time for this year :D Improved, eh? i think it is quite good considering i had no outdoor running training prior to the run.

My 2nd 10km monkey medal.

Up close with the monkey medal.

I'm planning to get my 1st 21km monkey medal next year!

Waiting for my cup of cold Milo.

I think thats about it. I've just been called to submit the marks for the students' past exam which i am still working on haha!

Oh, and by the way i am going to start blogging morrre! *fingers crossed*