Hey Look Ma, I Made It!

Panic! At The Disco (P!ATD) has been one of my fav band of all time. Been listening to them since their first song (2003 i think?!) til now. I just love how clever their lyrics are especially in this song. The 1st verse compares being a musician to being a hooker selling songs, while in the 2nd verse goes on describing honeysuckle phonies having any level of success can attract. The entire song, in my opinion is a reflection of the burdens of success and the struggles one might encountered to get there.    I guess that is why i'm so attached to this song as you know, success is not easy to achieve but the journey (the hardship, the blood and sweat) will certainly be worth it in the end. 

Doctoral + Motherhood? Yes I Can!

The reason for my recent " disappearance " again on the blog sphere is because I was busy with my doctoral proposal defense that happened on the 4th of August and guess what? I PASSED! Yeayyyyyy.. I just need to submit my amendments within 1 month and i'm good to conduct my research.  Being a working mother of 1, a wife AND a student all at the same time is tiring! only God knows how overwhelmed i am feeling sometimes. But to be honest, being a mother while doing my doctoral degree is a blessing in disguise. Without my baby, I don't think I will be motivated enough to defend my proposal in the first place. I am so motivated to finish what i've started 4 years ago -- I was single and bored that's why I signed up for this haha.  Last year, I remember my supervisor coming from Shah Alam to KK for a meet up. I was already 2 months pregnant that time. Then she told me about one of her student who just got married and she advised her not to have a baby yet

Carbs for my love

I'm almost 8 months post-partum. To be honest I sill haven't gotten back into my pre-pregnancy weight. I tried dieting but since i'm breastfeeding it's so hard. I get hungry easily LOL. Dieting for me means not taking much carbs like rice but the thing is, rice especially  brown rice is my milk booster. The other day, I only had fruit juice for breakfast and fried spaghetti for lunch. I pumped for 40 minutes and got only 1oz. Diet plays a significant role in producing milk so I can't afford to diet now. So this morning I had oat + banana smoothie for breakfast and brown rice for lunch. This afternoon, I pumped nearly 5oz.. I'm one happy mommy! Almost 5oz ! I learned that different people will have different type of milk booster food. When my baby was still a newborn, I was told to drink young papaya soup. I tried but the result wasn't as good as oats and rice for me. Oh, and drink lots of fluid :) The truth is, you don't need to spend alot