Monday, December 31, 2007

Me, Myself & I


1.Where did you take your default pic?
-> at mingku's room

2.What exactly are you wearing right
-> pink shorts and a red & white striped top

3.What is your current problem?
-> can i not talk about it?

4.What makes you most happy?
-> bonding with family and close friends

5.What's the name of the song that you
are listening to right now?
-> brighter by paramore

6.Has anyone you've been really close
with passed away?
-> yes.

7.Do you ever watch MTV?
-> rarely these days

Chapter 1:

1.Middle initial:
-> P.J

-> Pam, Del, Delo haha

3.Current place:
-> my room

4.Eye color:
-> dark brown

Chapter 2:

1.Do you live with your parents?
-> yes

2.Do you get along with your parent(s)?
-> yea

3.Are your parents
-> married

4.Do you have any Siblings?:
-> older sister and bro

Chapter 3: Favorite...

1. Ice Cream:
-> vedablu's belgian choc

2. Season
-> rainy if i want to sleep in hehe

Chapter 4: Do You..

1. Write on your hand:
-> only when there's no paper

2. Call people back:
-> only if its important

3. Believe in love:
-> despite everything ive gone thru.. yes

4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?
-> right side

5. Have any bad habits?
-> slouching and biting my nails

6. Any mental health issues
-> for now thank God i'm healthy

Chapter 5: Have You....

1.Broken a bone:
-> Nope

3.Had physical therapy?:
-> Nope

4.Gotten stitches?:
-> Nope

5.Taken painkillers?:
-> yes

6.Gone SCUBA diving or snorkeling:
-> i wish

7. Been stung by a bee?
-> yup. once and it made my hand so grotesquely swollen

8.Thrown up at the dentist:
-> Nope

9.ever sworn infront of your parents:
-> yes

10.Had detention:
-> yes

11.Been sent to the principal's office:
-> I only made it to the discipline teacher's office heheh

12. Been suspended:
-> nope

Chaper 6: Who/What was the last

1.Movie(s) you watched last?
-> Kingdom

2.Person to text you:
-> Beevy

3.Person called you:
-> Beevy

4.Person you hugged:
-> my niece elsa

5. last person you tickled:
-> my niece kimberly

6.Thing you touched:
-> keyboard

7.Thing you ate:
-> oats. for breakfast

8. Thing you drank:
-> cold water

9. Time you cried:
-> last week

10. wished on a star:
-> can't remember

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