Friday, December 28, 2007

The year 2007

2007 is ending and what a ride it was. It has been a great year for me, although there were some 'bumps' along the way.. so here's the good, the bad and my resolutions for 2k8.

The Good
1. Finally finished aaaaalllll my subjects for my masters degree. so, meaning no more exams for me...yayyyy.

2. My car finally got a new coat of color and a new set of seats

3. Travelled to Macau, Guangzhou & Philippines

4. Went sky jumping in Macau

5. Met the band 'Tribe of Levi' in manila. Ive been adoring their song kaligahayan natin for a few years and zaq (the lead singer extraodinare) gave me their cd wooohooo..

6. Finally had the courage to cut my hair after 2 years

7. Formed a new singing group at church..we're still nameless though but we received good reviews from people who has heard us sing :-D

The Bad
1. Battled mild depression (i know this might be a shocker to some people because on the exterior i am all smiles, but yea.. i was depressed and the worst thing was that i emotionally hurt some people during the course of my illness)

2. My family's fruit plantation that we had since i was a little girl was sold off :-( the saddest part was saying goodbye to all the good memories i had there with my family, cousins.. friends..

3. Emotionally bruised :-( i cant believe i allowed myself to be treated that way.

4. Developed a really bad temper.. as a result of having to hold my true feelings in,

Resolution for 2008
1. To gather my courage to sing in front of a crowd again..but this time alone.

2. Complete my masters degree

3. Get myself a job that pays decent money

4. Manila trip!!..yet again

5. Treat people nicer and with more respect..*angelic smile*

6. Be more mature? apparently some people has said that im a bit childish.. so yea, because of that im including this in my resolution.

7. Find myself a reaaaalllll boyfriend.. a really bad ass soldier that knows how to take care of me

8. Last but not least, i hope that God will give me a great year in 2008

May 2008 be your best year ever in your life! And may God bless you.

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