Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thank you Astro, for making my life richer..

I guess you guys have noticed that crime & investigation channel on astro (channel 732) has been blocked for our viewing pleasure for some time now. I am such a big fan of that channel i was so sakit hati when it needed some payment to continue watching it. So today i went to astro at centre point and changed our astro packages..with blessing from my dad, that is heheh. i ended removing two packages: the fun and sports..since nobody really watches the channels under the two packages at home and subscribed to metro package that has the crime & investigation channel together with discovery home & health and discovery realtime (my bro's fav). Dad is more intrested in watching Hope Channel on the other tv these days,

I was so excited to see the crime & investigation channel back again on astro. i checked the channel almost every hour even though the lady at the counter said 'check at 8pm' when i asked how long does it take for it to be activated. At approximately 8.15pm, i checked channel 732..and presto! crime & investigation channel is back! yayyyyyy.. *ear-to-ear smile*

Thank you ASTRO!!

I have been mansauing for two whole weeks. I think im going to stay in tomorrow and enjoy channel 732. For those poor souls who doesnt have any astro..go get yourself one already ok?! and don't forget to subscribe to the metro package! off to watch my fav channel. until the next entry.. daa..

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Hness said...

im poor.. broke n no time to watch tv hahaha.. sioknya boleh tinguk ceta crime investigation ni. kali inda lari sia dapan tv :P