Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Boys + PC

After dinner, i was startled when my mom suddenly, out of no where asked me about this one guy who ive had a crush on before. He knows ive been crushing on him but i dunno, its like every word i say to him keeps falling to the ground. For every question asked, i mostly answered "dunno" coz i was just too malas to answer things related to him. sakit hati, eh!

Lets change the subject, shall we?

Yesterday ive been having some computer problems. I installed the Bitdefender total security antivirus on my pc but i didnt like it. I find it 'unfriendly' so i decided to uninstall it..but it wasnt following my command as usual. then i discovered that i also couldnt open my internet explorer and my ym, couldnt double click an icon, and it jammed the pc. I never experienced this kind of problem before..*wondering* dunno whether it was a virus or technical malfunction of the computer.

So i came to a decision to format my computer (C:). I spent like, an hour or so just calling, and texting people on whether they can help me format my pc but all of them were super busy. what a coincidence, huh? A cousin of mine was willing to help me but it had to wait til the next day. Since i couldnt wait til tomorrow, i decided to take matters into my own hands. I main berani saja format my C: drive. Ive seen my bro do it a few times so i as i was formatting, i was recalling back what my bro did.

It turns out formatting wasnt as hard as i thought it would be. My computer is working oh so fine now thanks to myself hehehe. Im glad that i did it myself! it saved me rm50 plus i now know how to format a computer! yayyyy..(maybe to some of you who are pakar on this stuff, this is no biggie to ya'll.. but it IS to me okay :-P)


I guess thats all. i know ive got a lot of stuff to say but since im so sleepy now i cant think straight. Til the next entry,

Nite ya'll!!
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Faking It.

If one said that life is a breeze, then they must be lying. On the exterior, people view me as a happy and cheerful kind of person. I am! But that doesnt mean that my life is easy..God only knows how much ive been through, how many battles ive won and lost in this thing we can life.

The truth is im tired of going through battles, fighting and complaining. So today, when i learned that a "friend" of mine had betrayed my trust, i was furious. Apparently she told people about something that i clearly told her not to tell.

"So J, i hope you read this.. i can't believe you betrayed my trust! i thought you were a friend but you're just a big fake! don't act all surprise if i dont talk to you, or see eye-to-eye with you coz i cant stand you."

Urgh..Nothing hurts more than betrayal.

I wish i could just delete her out of my universe. But i cant..unfortunately. From this day onwards, your existence doesnt concern me anymore. i hate to do this, but im hurt and this is the only healing process that i know.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reality bites

I was at sixtysix last night with all the Liew clan (my family). we had dinner and talked about general stuffs about life.. just updating ourselves with each other. After dinner we hang out near the monument. I wanted to take a picture of myself with the monument behind me, but what my aunt said really made me change my mind about taking my pic there. She said "ko tia takut ka nanti ko tingu gambar ko, ada yang duduk sebelah ko?" (aren't you scared when later you look back at your pic, "someone" is sitting next to you?) right after that, all of our ghost stories came pouring out. It was kinda one point i told them to stop coz it was giving me goosebumps..and being a scaredy cat that i am, that's not good hahahah.

It's going to be december soon, and i havent done any christmas shopping! I havent even completed my shopping list! need to get that done very soon. I hate doing last minute shopping, plus the traffic jams will be so bad i hate to be stuck in traffic.

The amazing race asia is back!! and i missed the 1st episode. Luckily tonight there's going to be a repeat of the episode at 8pm on AXN. I am a reality tv show junkie.. name any reality tv show, ive seen them all. But i mostly like Survivor and The Amazing Race. So, if you havent seen the first episode of the 2nd season of the amazing race asia like me.. don't forget to tune in to AXN at 8pm tonight! ;-)

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

My 2 cents on..

Jordin Sparks!

Yes. this year's American Idol. After listening to her self-titled album which dropped last tuesday (20th Nov) NOW i really feel she deserved the title. Honestly, i wasnt that much of a fan of hers on Idol but after listening to her album, i became an instant fan. Her vocal abilities have improved so much, she sounds so much better now than her days on Idol.. and almost all 13 tracks on the album are good..there are ballads and also some up-tempo songs which are quite catchy, i must say. The team of songwriters (Jordin is one of them..she has written a few songs, Freeze is one of them), sound engineers, and producers have really done a great job on the album! Even Rolling Stones rated her album 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I would give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars..that's how good it is. :-)

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Let's get healthy, shall we?

I just finish my morning workout. I did Gilad's Total Body Sculpture. Man, i must say after not working out for about 2 weeks my body kinda ached doing the crunches with dumbells and the backrolls, especially.

For the holidays, this time around i've promised myself that i wont pig out on every makan-makan. Being somebody who has battled her weight since childhood (yea, i was a fat child) it is kinda hard to not pig out, but i'm going to take it as a challenge. Hey, if Oprah can do it by just working out, then i can do it. It's just mind over matter.

Anyhoo, last night i cleaned up good my room and its so cleeeaaaaann now.. im so proud of myself! I started my cleaning at around 12.30a.m and finish about an hour later. While doing my cleaning i was also chatting on YM! hahaha..Davelynne was amazed on how i could be wiping my floor and chatting at the same time. I simply said: MULTITASKING haha. Maybe thats why i didnt felt like it was a chore..i was actually enjoying it! wow. if only i can have that attitude everytime ive been told to do something around the house!

The weather seems to be ok today. Hopefully it wont rain. I hate going out bringing an umbrella..hehe. Im getting my hair trimmed today and maybe getting a new shade of color for my hair? :-D

I'd like to make a short shout out to my fellow MBAians who are having their last paper tonight - GOOD LUCK! sinang ja tu.. guring ja hehe.To Davelynne, congrats on your convocation. To Elwin, Happy belated birthday!! sorry for not remembering it! such a lousy friend i am.

I guess thats about it for the today. Since im cuti-cuti now, im planning to post atleast an entry everyday. So keep tuning in, kids!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Half of You

Jinky Vidal of Freestyle doing a cover of 'Half of You' by Brownstone. I havent heard the original version by Brownstone but i dont think i have to listen to it..hehe. This version by Jinky is enough. I have had this song for quite some time already but never bothered to listen to it. Only today i fell in love with the song. The song is quite sad if you listen to the lyrics but still a lovely song.

Oh, if you're wondering who's Freestyle, well you can find out by clicking here. This is Freestyle's official website.

now and then i wonder where you are
and where you've been?
we were friends
but deep inside my heart i always knew
i only needed one not two
i wish that i could say the same for you

everyday i kept you oh so dear and close to my heart
i was yours, i thought that
you were mine right from the start
we made a vow to be as one
but you played your games
put our love to shame and now the magic's gone

i never wanted half of you
sharing you will just not do
gotta be one on one or it wont be done
you said you wanted all of me
why couldnt it be two or three
its too late, i wont take half of you

since you've been gone
ive had some time to think about my life
anf now i, i know that
i wont make that mistake twice
so theres no need for you to call
i found another man
one who understands the woman that i am

i never wanted half of you
sharing you will just not do
gotta be one on one or it wont be done
you said you wanted all of me
why couldnt it be two or three
its too late, i wont take half of you

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Grafitti Wall

My boyfriend's got a new song

Ok, so last night was my first paper but i dont want to go into it. hehe..tunggu result saja laa! ive got another paper (my last) on the 21st. Anyhoo..

Ive been listening to Craig David's new fourth studio album, called 'Trust Me'. The tracks on the album is as follow: -

1. "Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)" - 3:39
2. "6 of 1 Thing" - 3:47
3. "Friday Night" - 3:33
4. "Awkward (featuring Rita Ora)" - 3:37
5. "Just a Reminder" - 3:49
6. "Officially Yours" - 3:55
7. "Kinda Girl for Me" - 3:47
8. "She's on Fire" - 5:04
9. "Don't Play with our Love" - 3:59
10. "Top of The Hill" - 3:54
11. "This is the Girl" (with Kano) - 4:10

Among all tracks, i particularly like Just A Reminder, Officially Yours, and Kinda Girl For Me. In my opinion, i think this album is his best work to date. I'd give it a 9 out of a scale of 10..1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007


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I wont be posting that much for this month because i am having my school exams and i have to read my books. They have collected more than enough dust on the shelf hehe. To my fellow coursemates, if you happen to cross my page, Go and read your books already! hahaha..
Good luck guys!!!
See ya'll at the end of the month :-)

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For the Love of Cakes

I recently discovered that i am allergic to chocolates. CHOCOLATES! of all things!! everytime i eat them, my scalp will itch so bad, sometimes holding myself back from scratching it will be impossibly hard for me. So, i am abstaining myself from chocolates. Looking at the allergy in a different angle, i think it will bring me some good.. i mean, i am trying to shed some pounds so by not eating any of it i think it'll bring wonders to my body hehehe.

A cousin of mine, who is coming home from Australia this Dec with her family just asked me in her email whether i still eat chocolates. Maybe she wants to buy me chocolates? My sister told me to just say yes and she'll eat it for me haha..

Last night was two of my cousin's birthday. I told them and a bunch of my other cousins about my recent allergy and she said she almost bought chocolate cake instead of the carrot cake for her birthday. The other cake was cheese cake.. I was sugar high!! I just loooooovvvveee birthday cakes.

Mi familia

Beevy & Me.. lovin' our cakes..

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Thursday, November 1, 2007