Friday, November 23, 2007

Let's get healthy, shall we?

I just finish my morning workout. I did Gilad's Total Body Sculpture. Man, i must say after not working out for about 2 weeks my body kinda ached doing the crunches with dumbells and the backrolls, especially.

For the holidays, this time around i've promised myself that i wont pig out on every makan-makan. Being somebody who has battled her weight since childhood (yea, i was a fat child) it is kinda hard to not pig out, but i'm going to take it as a challenge. Hey, if Oprah can do it by just working out, then i can do it. It's just mind over matter.

Anyhoo, last night i cleaned up good my room and its so cleeeaaaaann now.. im so proud of myself! I started my cleaning at around 12.30a.m and finish about an hour later. While doing my cleaning i was also chatting on YM! hahaha..Davelynne was amazed on how i could be wiping my floor and chatting at the same time. I simply said: MULTITASKING haha. Maybe thats why i didnt felt like it was a chore..i was actually enjoying it! wow. if only i can have that attitude everytime ive been told to do something around the house!

The weather seems to be ok today. Hopefully it wont rain. I hate going out bringing an umbrella..hehe. Im getting my hair trimmed today and maybe getting a new shade of color for my hair? :-D

I'd like to make a short shout out to my fellow MBAians who are having their last paper tonight - GOOD LUCK! sinang ja tu.. guring ja hehe.To Davelynne, congrats on your convocation. To Elwin, Happy belated birthday!! sorry for not remembering it! such a lousy friend i am.

I guess thats about it for the today. Since im cuti-cuti now, im planning to post atleast an entry everyday. So keep tuning in, kids!

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