Friday, August 22, 2008

Anytime IS Makan Time!

here are some pictures that involves food and drinks. You dont know me if you dont know that i love icecream AND cakes. i just love food.. while at manila, i fell in love with Dairy Queen's Blizzard. Too bad there's no Dairy Queen in KK. I still crave for Sbarro's vegepizza.. just look at the pizza, its full of vegetables!

Before going to Manila, me and my family had some conversation about Bangus, or Milk Fish. I had the opportunity to try bangus.. Sarap talaga! i had bangus twice. And at one time, i had cake for lunch. Red Ribbon cake, that is. I at first wanted the Red Velvet cake, but it was not available at that time :( so i had umm.. i forgot the name of the cake. but i had this and it was good.

Anytime is makan time! hahahahaaa..

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