Monday, August 18, 2008

My Vacation in Review

I will not be posting any pictures in this post, because there's just too many pictures. I'll post it in the next post :-)

Day 1 (6th Aug, 2008)

All six of us (me, kenny my bro, angel, ivan, hester & chelster) headed for the philippines and arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected. It was drizzling when we arrived at the airport and on the way to Manila from Clark, it rained quite heavily. Luckily when we arrived at our place of accomodation, Friendly's guest house, the rain stopped :-) All of us had dinner at a small shop not far away from where we stayed.. the food was delicious, although we waited for like, 20-30 minutes for our food.

Day 2 (7th Aug, 2008)

Main activity was MALLING!.. at Robinsons, malate. Bought lots of clothes to wear for the whole week because i only brought 2 shirts (including the one i wore yesterday). all of us bought simcards, except Kenny and Hester, so that it will be easier AND cheaper for us to contact each other if we need to because all of us split in two's at the mall and will meet up at a certain time. For dinner, we ate at the food court. I had bangus or in other words, milk fish.. yummy! David, a friend of mine at the Philippines called. We were suppose to meet that night but since all of us were too tired from all vthe shopping we did in the daytime, i had to cancel and reschedule it for tomorrow night.

Day 3 (8th Aug, 2008)

Malling again.. at Glorietta. Before entering the mall, we went to Hard Rock Cafe and since im a collector of Hard Rock Cafe shirts, i bought this really cool shirt with koi fish prints on it. The second i laid eyes on it, it straight away reminded me of Miami Ink.. i just knew i had to have it. In the mall, i spotted Dippin' Dots icecream and went straight to it, like ive been magnetized or something and ordered one. Ever since i saw this icecream on Oprah, i just wanted to taste it and know i finally know how it tastes like. Its interesting because the icecream is not like your regular icecream.. its dotty. I also had some cake from Redribbon. Im not really sure of what i had but i must say, the cakes are yummy! That night, after our night stroll we had supper at the Burger Machine.

Day 4 (9th Aug, 2008)

Went to the world's 7th biggest mall.. Mall of Asia. Watched The Dark Knight at the cinema there. After that, me and kenny had lunch at the foodcourt. Then, at night me and Angel went to Bedrock for some liveband action. The bands, 808 and Myxed were playing.. our favourite of the two is 808. The lead guitarist is so goodlooking hehehe.

Day 5 (10th Aug, 2008)

Us girls me, angel, hester and chelster headed a bit early to Glorietta. Kenny and Ivan said that they will meet us there before heading to Plaza Fair. Turns out, they headed straight away to Plaza Fair. So the four of us made our way to that place. At Plaza Fair, i bought CDs and Movie series :-D

In the evening, we went to Robinsons and i had Dairy Queen's Blizzard.. Ooh, i like! At around 9pm we went to Bedrock because my friends from The Tribe of Levi is playing that night. Another band, D'Empire was playing aswell and boy, what a night that was.. two great bands playing in 1 night? It must be my lucky day :-D The tribe had 1 new vocalist, Nestor. Zackyboy introduced him to me, and he dedicated a song to me in their 2nd set *aawwhh* how sweet ;-) but dont ask what song, i forgot hehehe. Me, hester and her sister, chelster stayed til the very last set. They wanted to see Lance (one of the singers from D'Empire). At a glance, he does kinda look like Milo Ventimiglia. I think it's the haircut that makes him look like Milo. Kenny, Ivan and Angel went back early because they were tired. Luckily i stayed because zaq or zackyboy (as they like to call him) sang one of my favourite song, "Officially Missing You" wooohooo!!! I didnt get to update my picture with zaq :-( i forgot haha. But no worries, ive got pictures with Nestor, Reeve AND Lance :-D

Day 6 (11th Aug, 2008)

All of us went to Baclaran to see the church there. We took a Tricylcle then LRT and then Jeepney to get to Baclaran. There was a fire burning when we were walking our way to the church. Turns out, a Jollibee outlet there was on fire. I think 2-3 fire engines came to help. After visiting the church, Angel, Hester and Chelster bought rosaries at some stalls near the church. Me and Kenny went to another stall across the road to buy this big windchime. After that, we went into a mall nearby. Theres not really much you can see there..but Angel and Ivan decided to go separate ways and will meet us later. The four of us then headed to the foodcourt for some halo-halo. while there, there was some free karaoke going on. There was this little girl, i think not more than 8 years of age, punya la main siok her voice. before i knew who was singing, i thought it was an older person..i was in awe to hear her sing. Then came this one fella, he sang about 4 songs if im not mistaken.. aduiii, out of tune la! hahaha. Going home, we decided to take a penat la have to go through Jeepney, LRT and all :-P

In the evening, we went to Robinsons to buy my sister's stuff and souvenires to bring home. I also bought a cap, because tomorrow we're going to have a loooooong day outside.It was sooo hot at Baclaran, i regret not buying the cap the day before. At around 10-ish pm, me, hester and chelster went to Bedrock to check out the bands playing that night but the bands werent as great as the night before so we headed back to the guest house at around midnight.

Day 7 (12th Aug, 2008)

Me and Kenny went to his old school, Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP). There, we had lunch at the cafeteria. The food was delicious plus it was vegetarian food. AFter touring a bit at the university, we headed to Tagaytay. I really wanted to go see Taal lake but the weather didnt permit us. So i only get to see it from a far. We then took a tricycle to umm, i forgot the place's name haha. But there, we bought 2 buko pie at Collete's and took the bus to go back to Manila. We reached the guest house at around 4.15pm. At 4.30 i decided to go to Robinsons but my brother was malas. The others were out, so i went alone. At first i was abit scared but since most of the people i have talked to said i look like a filipina myself, i'll just act like i'm one of them la! haha. I ended up buying 4-5 shirts and 1 dress for church. Before heading back, i went to Dairy Queen and bought myself a Blizzard. I ate my blizzard while walking down the street.. luckily there were no homeless kids pestering me for food or money. Since that night was our last night there.. we decided to make the best out of it. we the girls went to Bedrock again because D'Empire was playing that night (LANCE!!!) unfortunately, according to Mel, their guitarist who happens to be our new friend told us that Lance is not singing tonight. He's sick :-( But we stayed anyway for a while, until the band's 2nd set is over then we had a little chat with Mel before parting ways outside. But i promised him to email him when i reached home, and i did emailed him :-) seee? im a woman of my words hehe. We then had some street food, Chicken balls! yummy!! i had 2 trays hahahaha. Please bear in mind, the trays are small k?? only 4 chicken balls can fit in. Then, we (minus hester & chelster) had some late supper at some stall nearby. Sadap ohh. i mean.. sarap talaga! hahaha.

Day 8 (13th Aug, 2008)

Depart back to Kota Kinabalu. :-(

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