Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hi all.. just returned from the Philippines last night. I feel so sad.. i didnt want my vacation to be over! :-( I wanted to post some pictures today but my pendrive somehow can't be detected by this stupid pc (im at a CC, y'know.. my internet connection is still down. I have been so patient for almost 3 months.. i dont think i can take another month of no internet!)

Anywaysss... it was fun there, got to know very cool people during my 1-week stay there and the food.. SCRUMPTIOUS. I think ive gained a pound or two hahaha. But its okay... ive started my detoxification program and today's the 1st day hehehe.

So i guess the pictures have to wait.. i have to log out now. Take care readers!
Have a nice day.

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