Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ive gotta admit, at first i didnt quite like this track by Neyo.. but it all changed when i went to manila earlier this month. This song keeps on playing here and there.. i eventually fell in love with it!

Maxis Tour

My brother "won" a contest from Maxis. A contest that he didnt even participated in. The reward was, he get to bring along 1 person to Promenade Hotel for dinner and meet & greet session with artists from Akademi Fantasia (AF), Nubhan & Saida.

I was never a fan of AF.. Never have, never will be. Although i got to admit this AF thingy is good for the people of our country (atleast those who participated in AF) to prosper through their talent.

When my brother told me about his "winning" and said that Saida & Nubhan will be at the hotel, i was like.. Nubhan?? hmmm.. mana satu tu ahh?? hahahah. Everyone knows who Saida is..she's kinda famous even if she didnt win. she's the big sis of Siti Nurhaliza. Anyways, here are some pictures of last tueday at Promenade Hotel.

For a non-fan person, i kinda look excited here hahahah

Nubhan and I

My bro, Nubhan & I


Me and Saida...

Oh, and if you're wondering whether the food was great or not, well.. it was hehe especially the fish with thai sauce :-D

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Masters of the Universe

If you guys havent known yet.. IVE GRADUATED!! YEAYYY.. I SURVIVED MBA! :-D
here are pictures of last saturday (23rd August), the day of convocation AND 24th August, the day me and my friends took pictures at a studio in KK.
After i got my hair & makeup done.. now, MIRRORCHECK! heheh
Me and my beloved family (minus my sister & her family)

Franklin & I

Angel, Chacha, Frank & Nani
Yours truly.....
With Evy
Studio pictures of us. Sadly, not many of our classmates came.. :(

Friday, August 22, 2008

Anytime IS Makan Time!

here are some pictures that involves food and drinks. You dont know me if you dont know that i love icecream AND cakes. i just love food.. while at manila, i fell in love with Dairy Queen's Blizzard. Too bad there's no Dairy Queen in KK. I still crave for Sbarro's vegepizza.. just look at the pizza, its full of vegetables!

Before going to Manila, me and my family had some conversation about Bangus, or Milk Fish. I had the opportunity to try bangus.. Sarap talaga! i had bangus twice. And at one time, i had cake for lunch. Red Ribbon cake, that is. I at first wanted the Red Velvet cake, but it was not available at that time :( so i had umm.. i forgot the name of the cake. but i had this and it was good.

Anytime is makan time! hahahahaaa..


I didnt get to take pictures of the church inside because it was rude to take pictures while they were praying.. well, thats what my brother said.

Anyhoo, i copied this from wikipedia:

The National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, also called the Redemptorist church and popularly known as the Baclaran church, is a Roman Catholic parish church under the vicariate of the parish of Santa Rita de Cascia in the Diocese of Parañaque. The edifice is on Roxas Boulevard in the barangay of Baclaran in Parañaque City, Metro Manila. It is one of the most widely known churches in Metro Manila, and devotees from many parts of the region and the other parts of the country regularly flock to the sanctuary every Wednesday in what has become known as Baclaran Day.

The church is home to the replica of the miraculous icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, the object of the popular devotion. The building has a seating capacity of 2,000, but as many as 11,000 people can be inside during masses. There are an estimated 120,000 devotees affiliated with the church. The parish celebrates its fiesta on June 27, the feast day of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

We took a tricycle, LRT, jeepney and by foot to get to the Baclaran church. I REEEAAAALLLYYY thought Baclaran was far because heading back to malate, it probably took us like, about 30 minutes by taxi and it cost us the same amount of money of taking the tricycle, LRT and jeepney. its more tiring lah the journey to go there because we had to walk again kan. going back was easy peasy hehe. the taxi was just outside the shopping mall.

Here are pictures of the day we went to Baclaran.


Me and Abang Ken

Halo-halo... yummy!!

Pedro Gil LRT station
Corridor of the church
Sempat lagi Abang Ken makan...
Jollibee... on FIRE!!