The Biggest Loser Winner!

Last night was the finale of the Biggest Loser Asia edition, and guess what? i fell asleep the last 30minutes, damnit! *sigh*.. so i didnt get to see the final 4 coming out on TV. But according to my brother this morning, David was so skinny, as soon as he saw David coming out he knew he was a winner. And he was right!

As soon as i reached my work place, i went online and searched for the pictures.. OMG! David is so skinny! Im glad he manage to slim down but i think it was done way too much. Now he looks like a drug addict.

I love how Carlo looks right now, healthy and fit..and so much younger.

Carlo, today

Carlo, then.

David, now.

David, then.

Which David do you prefer? I prefer the big David than the skinny David just because he looks sick (the skinny version)..
What say you? do you agree with me?

♥ P.


Gallivanter said…
110% agreed! David looked really really terrible.
Kal-El said…
wow! i was thinking of joining this competition.. not familiar about it though.. was it difficult for them? :)
Pammie Pajammie said…
Oh really? I dont think it is THAT difficult if you reaaalllyy want to lose it bad. But they did complained it's hard hahaha... i guess nothing is easy. especially in losing those extra lbs :)

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