I Didn't Make It Through

Me. Before the results were revealed

I'm so sad, embarrased and feel like a failure. I didnt get through the 1st heat of the Karaoke singing competiton at Hunters *sad* Ok, i'll admit i was pretty c onfident that i would get through and you could just imagine how crushed i was when they didnt call out my name :(

They said, "try joining the other heats" but No Thank You lah. I think one time is enough. To be honest, i think the judges were being a little bit unfair. I mean, they were looking for variety. see, just now two girls (including myself) sang Christina Aguilera's song. Another girl sang "Hurt". Im not gonna comment on it but im just gonna say she wasnt that good. This one guy who sang "One Love" by Blue was also chosen to go to the semi finals. I mean, HELLO!? give me that song i can sing it much better! i know i said it doesnt matter if i made it or not, but now i think i changed my mind... i want it to go through! badly! And another guy who sang a kadazan dusun song..OMG! it wasnt competition material. I think they didnt want all the contestants to be singing just one genre in the competition and i really felt it was a popularity contest. The guy who sang "One Love" received so much cheering from the crowd because his song was an uptempo song.. most of the songs sung by the other contestants was mostly ballads. So an uptempo song was like a breath of fresh air after 15-16 ballads.

*after 20 minutes of self-consoling*

To think again, why would i let 3 people who were assigned as judges for a Karaoke Singing Competition to judge me whether i can sing or not? I wont let this hinder me from posting videos or performing at functions or events - things that i love doing. Actually while i was driving back home, i kept on thinking whether i should still be singing? i mean, a simple karaoke singing competition closed its door on me, it probably was a sign. But then i thought about what a colleague of mine said to me a week ago "if you dont make it, dont be sad because it probably isnt your rezeki.." he honestly thinks that karaoke competition wasnt my platform, he said my right platform should be One In A Million (OIAM) or Malaysian Idol. Wow, he has so much faith in me.

So yea. I may be (very) sad right now but it's not the end of the world. To be honest, that karaoke singing competition is gonna be the last competition that im ever gonna participate in. Im still gonna take requests from people and post it on youtube and facebook.

I know i'll get through this sad phase. I just need time.. AND encouraging words! Please say something nice to me...

♥ P.


Kal-El said…
awww, it's their loss. :P

i know the feeling pammie, i've had my share of disappointments in singing contests before.. but i didn't give up.

and i'm still hoping i could have the honor of singing a duet with you someday :)
Anonymous said…
Don't give up. It's just a small obstacle. Besides, I do not favor competitions based on popularity.

Learn from it, look at the bright side and good things will come.

All the best and keep on singing aite.
Pammie Pajammie said…
Kal-El: it crushes my spirit :( but it's ok, im 80% over it already hehe.. YA! we should make the duet happen.. im probably going to cebu next year we should arrange something..

Anonymous: I do not favor competitions based on popularity too! I was dissapointed for a while but i'll take it as a motivation to do better :) Thanks!!
Kal-El said…
cebu?! wow! hehe.. i'm actually planning to go to singapore and malaysia this year if ever i can find enough funds :) wheeee!

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