Little Mind Made Up.

Yesterday evening i was called by The Hunter's manager and he asked me whether i would like to join the 3rd heat of the karaoke competition. He said he really thought i would make the cut during the 1st heat and it would be a shame if i wasnt in it.

But what can i do? it's not my choice.. it's the judges choice.

After our little talk, i had this urge to try again but i was unsure about my decision so i asked a couple of my friends about what i should do. Most of them told me to go for it! and i was so pumped up with my decision of joining the 3rd heat.

But it was short lived until i told my brother about it.

He said "what if the judges are still the same people? How sure are you that they'll pick you this time" Hm. THAT made me think. What if the judges didnt like me since the time i walked on the stage? what made me think this way was because there was one or two people who sang horrible (in my opinion) but made it through. It would be a waste of time to be going up and be judged again by them if they aren't judging me based on my talent, and my voice, performance, etc.

So i have made up my mind. I am not going to join the 3rd heat. I mean, what am i trying to prove here? why must i have their approval? It's not like they're Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and The Dogg Randy Jackson! They're not even Malaysian Idol! Hello? it's only a ka-ra-o-ke competition.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the night of the competition on sunday night taken by a good friend of mine, Jerome Norton.

Make-up and accessorie by: Me, dress (bought) at: ChicMeUp!

with my Bestie, Angel mandak + her boyfriend, Ivan. Im so glad they stayed til the end! i seriously dont know what to do if i was left there all alone. My brother and cousins went somewhere else after my performance :-(

Haha.. candid! but i like! hehe..

"Competition face" On.

♥ P.


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