Officially a Gleek!

Sorry about the absence in this blog. Again it's not because i'm lazy, but ever since i switched companies i have always come home feeling so tired! I have to admit the workload that i get at the new place is waaayy much bigger than what i used to do at the previous company.

I think i still need more time to adjust myself to the new place. 'Guess a month is not enough.

By the waaaaaaayyyyy, i am so into Glee! im a Gleek! haha... love the show. Every week, it's Glee that i look forward to see and NOT American Idol. I was a hardcore fan of that show but there aren't that many good singers like previous years for this seasonI. I'm dissapointed. Anyhoo, back to Glee.. Glee makes High School Musical look like amateurs! haha. Can't wait for this tomorrow's episode :) I still can't get last week's song, "Defying Gravity" out of my head but it's ok, 'cause it's a good song.

*yawns* nah you see? it's not yet 11pm and im already yawning and feeling sleepy. But i guess it's kinda a good thing for me to be sleeping early these days because the dark circles under my eyes are getting worse. I thank God for foundation. If it is not for foundation, people would think im an insomniac or something.

Oklah, Take care all you all out there. Nitey nite!

♥ P.


Kal-El said…
At last, another GLEEK! :) hehehe.. catch up with the episodes, Pammie. Season 1 (Road to Sectionals) has 13 episodes so far.

Right now, Glee is giving way to American Idol, and will be back next month to resume Season 1. :)
Pammie Pajammie said…
We have our weekly dose of Glee right after American Idol, we're a little bit behind here in Malaysia :( but it's ok as long as i can watch it hehe. I heard from E! News that Artie's gonna walk again! yeaayy..It would be interesting to see him actually dancing instead of dancing on a wheelchair.

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