The picture above was taken by my 5-year old niece, Kimberly while we were at Kapa, Tamparuli this morning for church. Just today i have more than 30 shots of myself. Thanks to my little niece but most of them were blurred. I only took the best ones and jumbled them up in one picture.

I'm going to Tamparuli again tomorrow morning with my friends.. mandi sungaiii!! Last week i went to Kibunut, Zoo and PC fair. All in one sunday. I know i havent made any post on that.. coming soon!! :)

This month is so exciting, there's always a getaway at the end of everyweek! I love this month!!!!


GChen said…
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Pammie Pajammie said…
Done. I know how it feels doing a research since i have done it before 2 years ago for my Master. Good luck!!!

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