Thanks everyone for the prayers. Please keep on praying :)

I am relieved because the "mysterious" illness that my parents are having right now has finally been identified as DENGUE. My mom said that dengue can't be diagnosed in just 1 test, they have to keep on testing and testing and finally it's confirmed. It's dengue. I'm not relieved that they caught dengue but i'm just relieved that the guessing part is over. My dad was admitted to the hospital this evening, i didnt go to the hospital because i only got the news after i finished my evening jog.

I'll go and see my dad tomorrow, after church. I am so worried about my Dad at this moment, according to my brother his blood platelet count was only 24 compared to yesterday's 102. Such as drastic fall.

Please continue praying for them. Thank you very much, God bless you all.


nc said…
dengue? adui..bahaya o kn,, ni nyamuk2 ni.. hope ur parents will be fine a :)
Pammie Pajammie said…
Ya ba.. mumy sa ok suda. Dia kena release dari hospital suda. Daddy sa lagi yg masi di hospital.. Thanks NC

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