Prayers Needed.

Dear readers,

please pray for my family especially my parents. My mom has been in the hospital since Sunday because she was suspected to have dengue. Blood test result came out and it was negative for dengue. She is still in the hospital because her blood platelets are low, less than 100.

Last night we went to the emergency at SMC (Sabah Medical Centre) because my dad's fever has gone worse. The day before, his blood platlet was 200 over, last night it was 174. Today when he went for his review, it has dropped to 102. I'm pretty sure he'll be admitted tonight. His blood has been tested too and it was negative for dengue.

I'm just hoping that both my mom and dad's blood platlet count will rise up. No child wants their parents to be sick. When my mom was first admitted on Sunday, i was thinking "why must my mom go through this? why not me?" i just can't stand to see her in a frail condition. To make it worst, i had to experience it twice! second time on my dad. lastnight. :(

I really do believe in the power of prayers so please pray for them.. Thank you, and may God bless you.


Kal-El said…
you and your family are in our thoughts and in our prayers ♥
nc said…
You have mine. Tk care.

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