How I Lost It.

Two weeks or so i was measured and scaled by two colleagues of mine from the Physiotheraphy department. I weighed 60kg. Urgh. On thursday (13 May) i was measured and scaled once again and guess what? I weigh 56.5kg! And i lost 1.5 inches. Wooohooo! I don't know if the marathon thingy had anything to do with my recent weigh loss but i'd like to think it had :)

I had been training 3 weeks straight prior to the marathon. Even now, after the marathon is over i still run in the evenings after work. Last week me and my running buddies ran from Tanjung Lipat all the way to Likas stadium. Non-stop. It was tiring but i felt so healthy after getting all that sweat out. I haven't been running much for this week though because i had exam to invigilate at night. But i did run yesterday (friday). It has always been a dream of mine to own a treadmill but a friend of mine said the other day, "why would you want to spend your money on a treadmill when you can run for free out there?" betul juga kan.

In this post, i am going to share with you how i lost the pounds over the years. As a child, i was always fat. I have tried dieting and it worked but then i gained everything back. What we want is to lose and keep it off kan??? what i realized over the years is that, you have to combine healthy eating with exercise. I wouldnt say exercise is the only factor to my weight loss. The other contributing factor is healthy eating. alot of people think that they shouldnt eat at all if they want to be thin. This is where they are wrong. You can eat, the key lies in the choices of food that we make.

The heaviest that i have been is 62kg. That's quite alot for my frame (i am 156cm in height). I have eliminated rice from my diet but not completely. I do eat rice (sometimes) but only like once a week or maybe once or twice in two weeks. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. You should never EVER skip breakfast. For breakfast, i rarely eat solids. I have my protein drink that i blend with fruits (strictly no added sugar). For lunch i eat macam besa but ofcourse no rice :D For dinner, i try to have it as early as possible in the evening latest by 7.30pm because i sleep quite early in the weekdays, latest by 11pm.

Please dont think i indulge in ice-cream, fried chicken, pasta, cakes..and all those other yummy goodies because i do. Who can say no to them?? But i have them once in a while. Not everyday :)

The key is to have balance and moderation in life. I really do hope that this helps any of you who is trying to lose the extra pounds. My goal is to reach 55kg. If there is any questions that you would like to ask, or tips you'd like to share please do so :)

Good luck!


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