Saturday, March 27, 2010


I just uploaded a new video on facebook :D it's a song by Kara Dioguardi but gave it to Katharine McPhee entitles "Terrified" I love this song so much so i searched high and low for the instrumental and i found a piano instrumental version of it. It's a bit faster than the original but i think it's ok... tell me what you think.

I havent uploaded it yet to my youtube account because i just upgraded my netbook to windows se7en and i my browser (Opera) is not compatible with youtube (i think) because i was using IE and Google Chrome and i found it not compatible too - i couldnt upload pictures or videos. So im linking it to the one i upload on my facebook page.

Let me know if you have trouble viewing it :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Officially a Gleek!

Sorry about the absence in this blog. Again it's not because i'm lazy, but ever since i switched companies i have always come home feeling so tired! I have to admit the workload that i get at the new place is waaayy much bigger than what i used to do at the previous company.

I think i still need more time to adjust myself to the new place. 'Guess a month is not enough.

By the waaaaaaayyyyy, i am so into Glee! im a Gleek! haha... love the show. Every week, it's Glee that i look forward to see and NOT American Idol. I was a hardcore fan of that show but there aren't that many good singers like previous years for this seasonI. I'm dissapointed. Anyhoo, back to Glee.. Glee makes High School Musical look like amateurs! haha. Can't wait for this tomorrow's episode :) I still can't get last week's song, "Defying Gravity" out of my head but it's ok, 'cause it's a good song.

*yawns* nah you see? it's not yet 11pm and im already yawning and feeling sleepy. But i guess it's kinda a good thing for me to be sleeping early these days because the dark circles under my eyes are getting worse. I thank God for foundation. If it is not for foundation, people would think im an insomniac or something.

Oklah, Take care all you all out there. Nitey nite!

♥ P.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It was a heated discussion that we had on facebook on religious issues. No, it wasn't between Christian and another religion but it was between Christian denominations. It all started by this boy, who at the end got a taste of his own medicine.

As an Adventist, i respect other religion and also other Christian denominations. I don't go here and there proclaiming that i am in the right path and tell everyone to be an Adventist just because i believe i am in the right religion. Everyone, no matter in what Christian denomination they are, be it Catholic or protestants and also other religions (Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist) they all believe they are the right religion in the world but that doesnt give you the right to go condemning other people's belief.

So yesterday, this is what he posted on his shout out box:

He is a Catholic, so indirectly he is saying that other Christian denominations are FAKE. He claims that God gave him visions and voices to go and save the human race from sin. How can he be sure that the vision and voices ARE from God?

It was so heated because my cousins and i kept replying to his nonsense using Bible verses because he also claimed that our Bibles are fake! and only publications from his church is the right one.

Let me tell you a little bit about this boy. He claims to be like, super religious. Some Jesus freak BUT! he has loads of tattoos, he uses swear words alot. So, me and my cousin decided to post a bible verse that speaks about tattoos. When he saw what we posted, he posted this:

He told use not to judge people, but who was judging who in the first place? of course we will defend ourselves using the best tool: THE BIBLE! :) i admit i dont really read the Bible that much but i do know a little something about the Bible and a little something is much better than not knowing anything at all. right?

I think the last post i posted irked him. I wrote this:

"So it makes you a "Big Man" discriminating other denominations, and belittling other people by calling them names like BODOH, huh? but it's okay, it's not your fault because that's what you've been taught for years. Unlike you, i have been taught better than that, that is to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES."

The next day (today) my cousin asked me to look at what he had posted and i was laughing my ass off of what he posted! hahahahaa... just look at what he wrote:

That 'beyonce' thing he wrote up there.. he was referring to me. But i never said i sound nor i want to be like beyonce. He refers me to Beyonce just because i made a recording of "Broken Hearted Girl" couple of months ago. But i never asked him to watch my video nor have i asked him to comment on it. I accept people's constructive criticism whether it's good or bad. I know and realize i am not the best singer out there. I am not even close to that but i do what i love to do the most, that is singing :)

Oh, and if you're wondering who's the fat ugly girl he's referring to, it's my cousin. How mean and straight down rude of him to call people such things. Did he mirror himself before he call people names? OMG!

If he really is what he claims to be, that is a religious person who is chosen by God to save the human race from sin he wouldnt be calling people names, or discriminating other Christian denominations. I have a lot of friends from other Christian denominations AND from other religions but this is by far the weirdest thing i have ever encountered from a person i have referrd to all these time as, friend.

I just checked the comments on his post.. he replied to a comment that he wants to kill us? haha.. just because of this small thing? Go ahead lah. Oh, and just for you guys information his new post in his shout out box is: I FEAR NOBODY BUT GOD. What a joke. Is he making a mockery out of God? he fears God but has the desire to kill people.

*sigh* what a pity. a young boy with a wrong mind.

If you are curious to know the whole thing (whole thing as in who started it first & all the ridiculous crap that he posted and the support that he got) just search for him on facebook. Im pretty sure he didn't set his profile to private. I actually wanted to post EVERYTHING that he posted (his comments & posts) but i changed my mind, he is not worth my time.

♥ P.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I'll Be Doing This Evening.

Fold and put my clothes inside my closet! hahahaa..

Look at my clothes on my bed. I have to sleep at the spare room because i'm so lazy to move the clothes ;-P
Having a pile of clothes on my bed is not enough.. I have another pile of clothes (but already folded - Thanks Mom! :-P) waiting for a pick-me-up in the other room.

My mom have been reminding me since last night but i think i need some motivation.. The weather has been so warm these days, i havent been sleeping in my own room for a few days already because my room is a one-window room and it can get so warm, i cant stand it.

I hope it rains soon!

♥ P.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

God Never Fails

People do you know there's trouble all over this land?
Sorrow and grief and we don't understand
We ought to be on your knees today,
OUght to cry "Lord won't you show us the way?"
Crying to the Lord "Come lend us a helping hand"

For God out God never fails
O He never fails
No matter, no matter what the case may be
God never fails
When all the world is going wrong
Just keep on holding on
He is able, He is God..
And God never fails.

This is a new song that my singing group at church just learned and i so love the lyrics, i have to share with all of you.

Remember, God never fails! :)

♥ P.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Biggest Loser Winner!

Last night was the finale of the Biggest Loser Asia edition, and guess what? i fell asleep the last 30minutes, damnit! *sigh*.. so i didnt get to see the final 4 coming out on TV. But according to my brother this morning, David was so skinny, as soon as he saw David coming out he knew he was a winner. And he was right!

As soon as i reached my work place, i went online and searched for the pictures.. OMG! David is so skinny! Im glad he manage to slim down but i think it was done way too much. Now he looks like a drug addict.

I love how Carlo looks right now, healthy and fit..and so much younger.

Carlo, today

Carlo, then.

David, now.

David, then.

Which David do you prefer? I prefer the big David than the skinny David just because he looks sick (the skinny version)..
What say you? do you agree with me?

♥ P.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don't Get It.

I hate it when people betray your trust and acts like nothing happened. Because you hurt me, I am now avoiding you but the more I avoid you, the more you want to be near me.

Don't you get it? I HATE U!

Get away from me. Shoo.


♥ P.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Mind Made Up.

Yesterday evening i was called by The Hunter's manager and he asked me whether i would like to join the 3rd heat of the karaoke competition. He said he really thought i would make the cut during the 1st heat and it would be a shame if i wasnt in it.

But what can i do? it's not my choice.. it's the judges choice.

After our little talk, i had this urge to try again but i was unsure about my decision so i asked a couple of my friends about what i should do. Most of them told me to go for it! and i was so pumped up with my decision of joining the 3rd heat.

But it was short lived until i told my brother about it.

He said "what if the judges are still the same people? How sure are you that they'll pick you this time" Hm. THAT made me think. What if the judges didnt like me since the time i walked on the stage? what made me think this way was because there was one or two people who sang horrible (in my opinion) but made it through. It would be a waste of time to be going up and be judged again by them if they aren't judging me based on my talent, and my voice, performance, etc.

So i have made up my mind. I am not going to join the 3rd heat. I mean, what am i trying to prove here? why must i have their approval? It's not like they're Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and The Dogg Randy Jackson! They're not even Malaysian Idol! Hello? it's only a ka-ra-o-ke competition.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the night of the competition on sunday night taken by a good friend of mine, Jerome Norton.

Make-up and accessorie by: Me, dress (bought) at: ChicMeUp!

with my Bestie, Angel mandak + her boyfriend, Ivan. Im so glad they stayed til the end! i seriously dont know what to do if i was left there all alone. My brother and cousins went somewhere else after my performance :-(

Haha.. candid! but i like! hehe..

"Competition face" On.

♥ P.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Didn't Make It Through

Me. Before the results were revealed

I'm so sad, embarrased and feel like a failure. I didnt get through the 1st heat of the Karaoke singing competiton at Hunters *sad* Ok, i'll admit i was pretty c onfident that i would get through and you could just imagine how crushed i was when they didnt call out my name :(

They said, "try joining the other heats" but No Thank You lah. I think one time is enough. To be honest, i think the judges were being a little bit unfair. I mean, they were looking for variety. see, just now two girls (including myself) sang Christina Aguilera's song. Another girl sang "Hurt". Im not gonna comment on it but im just gonna say she wasnt that good. This one guy who sang "One Love" by Blue was also chosen to go to the semi finals. I mean, HELLO!? give me that song i can sing it much better! i know i said it doesnt matter if i made it or not, but now i think i changed my mind... i want it to go through! badly! And another guy who sang a kadazan dusun song..OMG! it wasnt competition material. I think they didnt want all the contestants to be singing just one genre in the competition and i really felt it was a popularity contest. The guy who sang "One Love" received so much cheering from the crowd because his song was an uptempo song.. most of the songs sung by the other contestants was mostly ballads. So an uptempo song was like a breath of fresh air after 15-16 ballads.

*after 20 minutes of self-consoling*

To think again, why would i let 3 people who were assigned as judges for a Karaoke Singing Competition to judge me whether i can sing or not? I wont let this hinder me from posting videos or performing at functions or events - things that i love doing. Actually while i was driving back home, i kept on thinking whether i should still be singing? i mean, a simple karaoke singing competition closed its door on me, it probably was a sign. But then i thought about what a colleague of mine said to me a week ago "if you dont make it, dont be sad because it probably isnt your rezeki.." he honestly thinks that karaoke competition wasnt my platform, he said my right platform should be One In A Million (OIAM) or Malaysian Idol. Wow, he has so much faith in me.

So yea. I may be (very) sad right now but it's not the end of the world. To be honest, that karaoke singing competition is gonna be the last competition that im ever gonna participate in. Im still gonna take requests from people and post it on youtube and facebook.

I know i'll get through this sad phase. I just need time.. AND encouraging words! Please say something nice to me...

♥ P.