Sunday, May 30, 2010

Going Home.

In about 12 hours (more or less) i'll be going home! and i can't wait!!

where is home you ask? let me give you a clue..













If you guessed Philippines, then you are correct!

I will be in the Philippines (Manila to be exact) for a week and i am so excited. Although i go back every year, i still feel excited like the first time going there. I hate packing though, and that is why i just started packing this evening and it took me like, 6 hours to figure out what to bring and not to bring. I'm going to travel light (like i always do) because i know i'll come back here with an overstuffed suitcase. *wink*

Oh, before i forget..



Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chasing Pavements.

I've been in love with this song since the first time i heard the song on the radio. But i just didn't have the time to do a cover of it. Last Sunday, i had some time and i used it to do some recording.

It's been a while since i recorded :) I was planning to do "If I Ain't Got You" but i changed my mind because i couldn't sing it that night. hmmn.. But i am determined, and i will record it!.. soon.

Enjoy! Tell me what you think of this little cover version of mine :)

p/s: both my parents have been discharged from the hospital and i'm so happy they're back at home. Thank you everyone for your prayers. It means alot to me. God bless each one of you.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Thanks everyone for the prayers. Please keep on praying :)

I am relieved because the "mysterious" illness that my parents are having right now has finally been identified as DENGUE. My mom said that dengue can't be diagnosed in just 1 test, they have to keep on testing and testing and finally it's confirmed. It's dengue. I'm not relieved that they caught dengue but i'm just relieved that the guessing part is over. My dad was admitted to the hospital this evening, i didnt go to the hospital because i only got the news after i finished my evening jog.

I'll go and see my dad tomorrow, after church. I am so worried about my Dad at this moment, according to my brother his blood platelet count was only 24 compared to yesterday's 102. Such as drastic fall.

Please continue praying for them. Thank you very much, God bless you all.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prayers Needed.

Dear readers,

please pray for my family especially my parents. My mom has been in the hospital since Sunday because she was suspected to have dengue. Blood test result came out and it was negative for dengue. She is still in the hospital because her blood platelets are low, less than 100.

Last night we went to the emergency at SMC (Sabah Medical Centre) because my dad's fever has gone worse. The day before, his blood platlet was 200 over, last night it was 174. Today when he went for his review, it has dropped to 102. I'm pretty sure he'll be admitted tonight. His blood has been tested too and it was negative for dengue.

I'm just hoping that both my mom and dad's blood platlet count will rise up. No child wants their parents to be sick. When my mom was first admitted on Sunday, i was thinking "why must my mom go through this? why not me?" i just can't stand to see her in a frail condition. To make it worst, i had to experience it twice! second time on my dad. lastnight. :(

I really do believe in the power of prayers so please pray for them.. Thank you, and may God bless you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The picture above was taken by my 5-year old niece, Kimberly while we were at Kapa, Tamparuli this morning for church. Just today i have more than 30 shots of myself. Thanks to my little niece but most of them were blurred. I only took the best ones and jumbled them up in one picture.

I'm going to Tamparuli again tomorrow morning with my friends.. mandi sungaiii!! Last week i went to Kibunut, Zoo and PC fair. All in one sunday. I know i havent made any post on that.. coming soon!! :)

This month is so exciting, there's always a getaway at the end of everyweek! I love this month!!!!

How I Lost It.

Two weeks or so i was measured and scaled by two colleagues of mine from the Physiotheraphy department. I weighed 60kg. Urgh. On thursday (13 May) i was measured and scaled once again and guess what? I weigh 56.5kg! And i lost 1.5 inches. Wooohooo! I don't know if the marathon thingy had anything to do with my recent weigh loss but i'd like to think it had :)

I had been training 3 weeks straight prior to the marathon. Even now, after the marathon is over i still run in the evenings after work. Last week me and my running buddies ran from Tanjung Lipat all the way to Likas stadium. Non-stop. It was tiring but i felt so healthy after getting all that sweat out. I haven't been running much for this week though because i had exam to invigilate at night. But i did run yesterday (friday). It has always been a dream of mine to own a treadmill but a friend of mine said the other day, "why would you want to spend your money on a treadmill when you can run for free out there?" betul juga kan.

In this post, i am going to share with you how i lost the pounds over the years. As a child, i was always fat. I have tried dieting and it worked but then i gained everything back. What we want is to lose and keep it off kan??? what i realized over the years is that, you have to combine healthy eating with exercise. I wouldnt say exercise is the only factor to my weight loss. The other contributing factor is healthy eating. alot of people think that they shouldnt eat at all if they want to be thin. This is where they are wrong. You can eat, the key lies in the choices of food that we make.

The heaviest that i have been is 62kg. That's quite alot for my frame (i am 156cm in height). I have eliminated rice from my diet but not completely. I do eat rice (sometimes) but only like once a week or maybe once or twice in two weeks. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. You should never EVER skip breakfast. For breakfast, i rarely eat solids. I have my protein drink that i blend with fruits (strictly no added sugar). For lunch i eat macam besa but ofcourse no rice :D For dinner, i try to have it as early as possible in the evening latest by 7.30pm because i sleep quite early in the weekdays, latest by 11pm.

Please dont think i indulge in ice-cream, fried chicken, pasta, cakes..and all those other yummy goodies because i do. Who can say no to them?? But i have them once in a while. Not everyday :)

The key is to have balance and moderation in life. I really do hope that this helps any of you who is trying to lose the extra pounds. My goal is to reach 55kg. If there is any questions that you would like to ask, or tips you'd like to share please do so :)

Good luck!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Official BIM 2010 Time

I just checked the Borneo International Marathon official website to see whether the time result has come out or not, and it's out alreadyyy!!

As you all can see, my official time to finish up the marathon is 1 hour 25 minutes and 53 seconds. Hmm, i think i could've done better but it's ok lah for a first try :)
I snapped a picture of my tired self right after i reached the finish line
My colleagues and I with our medals
With a runner from Kenya. He finished 2nd for the Full Marathon (42km)
Our medals at a close-up, still wrapped in plastic hehehe..

It was a fun (yet tiring) experience! Gonna try the 21km for next year :)

If I Ain't Got You

I have like, a pile of papers (tests, midterm examination papers) lying on my table waitinng for me to mark them. I figured while marking them, i should listen to some raw, undiscovered talent on Youtube. One of my all time favourite song is "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. So i watched a bunch of covers, then it hit me.. I haven't done a cover of that song. This song is a must song to sing when i go karaoke.. lagu wajib la in short :)

I haven't done any recordings in a while, to be honest i'm just plain lazy :P i need to up my level of motivation like i had last year. I could record 3 - 4 song in a night! and then post them up the next day.

I need to get my mojo back.

p/s: i was going to blog about my experience running the marathon and then upload some pictures of the event but i changed my mind hehe. I'll just blog about it tomorrow :)

Have a nice evening people... i'm going to go jogging after work (if the weather permits) It's Friday tomorrow!! yeayy