Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Am Not Okay.

i guess the 30-days blog challenge have to be post-poned again. i was unable to do my 1st posting on the 1st of march and i really dont want to do backposts. i think i need a time out from this blogosphere for a while. a very dear friend of mine was hospitalized and my emotions are unstable. i hate it when this kind of things happen to me. i just wish i could shut it all off or tear this page out and start my life on a new leaf. i need a time out.


Anonymous said...

Take care and hope your friend will be okay soon. God bless.

Pammie said...

Thanks Anonymous :) Im not reeeeaaaaaaaallllllyyy sure about his condition right now but i guess ok la tu suda if he's been discharged early and is now recuperating at home.

Anonymous said...

Aisey...cuti2 juga, kawan2 jgn lupa hehe. :p Take care.