I was in Singapore last month, but i totally forgot to blog about it :D

My stay there was a short one. Only 4 days 3 night. Yea, skijaaaap saja. But the most
amazing thing was i only had more or less S$400 in cash AND i survived. My cousin kept on asking me a day before our trip "are you sure you're only bringing that much money?" because my other cousin told me to convert RM1500 - RM2000 because only that amount of money will be enough for our stay there. I beg to differ and i said i am going to defy that.

My purpose of going there is NOT for shopping. It was only for jalan-jalan makan angin. So there i was with them, both of them with about S$1000 in their purses and me, with just a mere S$400 (more or less haha!) Luckily we stayed at a friend's condo, so more money saved!

Ok. 'nuff babbling, now Pictures!! lots and lots of them!

the three of us all ready to roam the city (pic taken inside the lift of the condo)

Seriously, i haven't ride a bus for a reaaaallly long time. But if our bus system was like the ones they have in Singapore i will be more than willing to ride the bus everyday!

Destination: unknown.

Weird looking cupcake.

Our first foods there.

The lights behind reminds me of Macau :)

1st day worth of shoes.

When will I be able to own an authentic LV bag? hmm..

This was our room for 3 nights. I slept near the window :D

Chicken tika, and um.. some Indonesian food, which i love!


Midnight snacks

Just like the guy with the Nikon camera, I was also wondering what they were looking..
could it be the sun?

This picture i took is dedicated to all my Bugis friends hehehe

Little Devils of mine :) - I bought the skins there. They say it is sold in KK but until now i havent seen any being sold. Or maybe i have been looking at the wrong places? hm.


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