Me, Today.

Every Saturday, i will follow my parents to church so that means no driving for me. Im so tired of driving myself to work everyday and i'm glad in a week, there is at least one day that i dont have to drive. But this morning my parents said they'll be attending church at Kolombong (SDA Chinese church). I didn't want to attend church there so i decided to follow my sister but it turns out that my sister isn't going to church too! I did thought of skipping church hehe :P but i know it wouldn't be the right thing to do - skipping church just because i'm so lazy to drive?

Since i'll be driving myself to church, i took my sweet time getting ready. By the time i was ready it was 30minutes to 10am :D My lateness to church can partially be blamed by my photo taking session again before leaving (hehe sempat lagi kan) :

..alllllmosssssstt out of the door

Then i realize that i forgot my purse, so i headed back to my room -.-

..and took another shot of myself. Lately i like wearing nude shades of lipstick instead of the usual red shades. Today i mixed my lipstick up: Maybelline's watershine hazelnut sauce (number 24) and then finish it with BodyShop's Love Gloss - this lipgloss smells so nice, it also tastes as nice hehehe.

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Last shot before i leave my room AND my house

The white polka dot babydoll dress i'm wearing in this post, i haven't worn it in 2 years. I bought it when i was in China 4 years ago. I stopped wearing it because apparently i got bigger and it didn't fit me anymore. I was almost giving up hope in ever wearing this dress again and i even thought of giving it away. I was kinda skeptical at first on whether i could fit it this morning.. but hey! it fits!! I think it fits me better now than it did then. Yeayy! So happy!

When i was editing the colors of the pictures in this post, my mom passed by me and said that my lost-weight really shows in this pictures :D ..another reason to be happy!! yeayy! I don't know if i have already mentioned it in my blog but i have lost 5kg (..and counting!) I hope to lose another 5kg and then after that it's all gonna be about maintaining it.


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