Sony Trik Ipod Dock Boombox.

My old speaker at home, an Altec Lansing which i had for like, almost 10 years have finally showed its worn out signs. If it didnt affected the projected sounds, i dont mind but unfortunately it did. So i began searching for a replacement. I was thinking of buying a new Altec Lansing, since i really love its sound. I came across this Sony ... and since i have gotten myself a 32GB ipod touch for my birthday, i think this would be the best speaker to buy as it compliments my iTouch.

When i was vacationing in Singapore, I have tested this speaker and how i love the sound! luckily the speaker was 9kg heavy! If can lipat-lipat the speaker, sudah sa kasi masuk poket! I remembered seeing this speaker at Technocrats in 1Borneo so that same night, i searched for Technocrats' website but there was only their facebook page. I sent a message to them, asking how much is the price. They replied, saying it is RM499 but now promotion konon, the price was slashed to RM399. Only 2 weeks ago i told my brother about this speaker and my so-called 'dream' of buying one. He said that Technocrats mahal so we went to check out the Sony centre at Karamunsing. The price was the same, RM399 but the guy said he can give us RM380. Apa lagi, sa angkat lah satu terus! hahahaa...

It was damn heavy okay! luckily my brother was there. He helped carry the speaker :D

My new Sony Trik ipod dock boombox

The great thing about this iPod boombox is that, it comes with 4 skins. You can also customize your own skin at :)

Just want to show this because this song's getting into me.
Can't wait for Femme Fatale album to come out!

I've got my mark on it, so no one can take it and claim it's theirs. tee hee heee...


Anonymous said…
Ark!! Nice speakers! So damn jeles as Ipod got lotsa nice accessories. I'm a Walkman man :p

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