Me IS Back.

Yes. I am back! :)

I was at a crossroad, i didnt know which way to go and it was frustrating me. So i had to take some time off from everything. When i say everything, i mean EVERYTHING! i didnt open facebook for a few days, the facebook app on my blackberry was also removed. I only depended on a few close friends for guidance and comfort. Notice i didnt mention parents? yea, i didnt tell my parents about my condition because i think some things are best kept from them. i think they did noticed a change in me - quiet, swollen eyes from crying, no appetite, locking myself in my room. But they know im a tough cookie. They know i will survive that phase.

Maybe you're wondering what happened to me? I just went through a horrible break up with my now ex-boyfriend. I never cried that much in my whole life. I'm not gonna go through the details because i don't want to end up saying bad things about him. I still respect him enough as a person so let the details be known to just me and him.

But the important thing is that i am now OK. Life must go on no matter what happens right? To tell you the truth how i reeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllyyy got to where i am now after the break up is i read alot of quotes. Surprisingly quotes from people that i follow on Twitter like, @MovingOnTips, @iTwitQuotes, @LearnToBeAlone, @TheBestSex101, @TheKillerTruth and MORE. Not forgetting my ever supporting friends at work. They are the best. Thank God for good friends :)

taken this morning before heading to work.

So yah.. I am back and I am going to be posting like, everyday from now
(that is, if im not too busy at work ;D)


Mama Rock said…
it's good that you stay positive pam:)

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