Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Independence Day!

I attended a triple birthday party at a cousin's place last night. the food was great, company was great, what else can i ask for? hehe. I seriously think i gained like 5pounds just from last night. Tomorrow night is the Liew family's annual BBQ. But before that, in the afternoon, after church there is a potluck.. so you see, tomorrow's business is all about food mwahahaha. Im worried. hmm..
The other day, me and my bro went out and when the traffic light was red, i noticed a bus infront of us having those stickers on its window like the 'Intel Inside' kind of logo. When i look carefully.. it was 'Bugis Inside' mwahahaha!! That was like, the funniest thing ive seen this week.

To all of ya.. Happy 50 years of Independence and another 50 years more to come! I have read some blogger's 'merdeka-post' huiyoo.. hebat sekali donk! I'll be the first one to admit that i am not that patriotic. Its not that i dont love or appreciate the country, but this is just who i am. But at least i have tried la kan.. hehe. Baaa.. Happy Merdeka ya'll!!


danne@delphina said...

oh gawd!! BUGIS INSIDE??? ROTFL... hahaha.. creative juga kan..

Pammie said...

mwahahahaha.. tula, creatif juga durang kan?!