Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who are you?

Ive been indulging myself with CSI's. I have the complete season of CSI Las Vegas, Miami & New York..woohoo! I now memorize CSI Las vegas' theme song, the "who are you-u..u-u" hahaha. I like Las vegas a mile far than the other two installments. To know more about CSI LV, click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CSI:_Crime_Scene_Investigation and it'll tell you about all the characters played by each one of them. I like Grissom's character the most. He is so pintar! Grissom is played by William Peterson. When i saw episode one of Season 1, i was like "Ohh.. so that is how everything started!" I like watching CSI coz it makes the brain to think, it doesnt remain stagnant. Talk about being brain-stagnant, i dread going to Advance Statistics classes every week. I dont learn a thing! its not that i dont pay attention to what the lecturer is talking in front, its just so damn hard, with all the formulas..i think theres like 5 formulas being shown every 2 seconds and im not saying the lecturer is a bad lecturer, he's just a liiiiittttlllee bit bad at teaching the subject. Oh, and have i mentioned that the textbook is no good also? not user-friendly at all. I better stop now, i know ya'll dont want to read my complaints right? hehe
So, You.. have a nice day ahead!


Danne@delphina said...

and i thought i was the CSI Freak!! hahaha!! looks like i've found another CSI Freak!! Can talk endlessly bout CSI with u! hahaha!!

wIn^ said...

try me! :P x bah!