Sunday, August 26, 2007

A fresh start

If u guys havent notice, i have deleted the old blog. I am starting a new one.. a fresh start la kaka. Here are some of the pictures that were featured on the last one (the ones that i really.. really like)

with Zaq Salazar, lead vocalist extraordinare of the band, Tribe of Levi.
The guy im with is Reeve (a sweetheart), rapper of the same band, Tribe of Levi. The next picture is Gracie Alonzo of Hip 2 Soul. These two bands are the two bands that me & my bro went to see on our last night in the Philippines. Bedrock (malate) was just a few feet from where we were staying during our 1 week stay there.. lucky us!
And here's one pic i took outside my house, which turned out to be quite pleasing for the eyes (considering im not really that good nor knowledgable in photography):

Aight, i think thats about it. will post more soon so keep tuning in, ya!

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