Friday, August 31, 2007


I am so hooked on tea! I drink tea daily. I have Green tea, Pu-erh tea, and Oolong (wulong) tea at home. According to,

"Tea contains significant levels of manganese and potassium, but its antioxidant flavonoids (a kind of polyphenol) are the main components thought to promote good health. There is strong - but still not conclusive - evidence that tea may help to fight certain kinds of cancer, and reduce some other signs of ageing through its antioxidant action.

There is very strong evidence that tea can help protect against heart disease, probably thanks to the same antioxidant chemicals, although other mechanisms may also be important.

There is also evidence that tea, in particular green and Oolong tea, can aid slimming; several studies have backed this up, although the strength and indeed the existence of the effect is still disputed.

Tea also seems to be good for your teeth, probably partly thanks to its antibacterial properties, and at least one study has suggested that it can reduce flatulence."

Read about Oolong tea:
Read more about Pu-erh tea:


danne@delphina said...

dell!! lama suda sya cari tu wulong tea... where to buy that??

Pammie said...

u can buy it at giant kolombong there.. quite cheap also, rm3++ for 100grams. i got myself some just now. Ey, Oprah also drink wulong tea u know??!

danne@delphina said...

RM3++? cheap ka dat? or is it rm3.++ hahaha.. yaaaaaaaaa.. i knw.. that's how i knw wulong tea.. from Oprah.. and since then i cari that.. but i dunno wer to get it here.. giant kolombong?? got sell oso?.. hmm.. need to go there ;)

hnes said...

green tea s the best! good for health too.

Pammie said...

oops sori danne.. i meant rm3.++ hahahaha! ba minum la teh cina untuk kesihatan! hehehe..