A Day For Reunions.

Today has been a reaaaaaaallly fun day! why? because it was full of reunions :) i had a reunion with my gradschool classmates Frank & Angel at lunch and a dinner reunion with some of my galpals this evening.

Angel, Frank and I after finishing our NgiuChap (except for Angel who had Kon Lau Mee hehe) there was so much to talk about and so much to laugh about. We reminisce about our days when we were still grad-students at UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) and asked each other about the latest news about our MBA ex-classmates.

Just a year ago, who would've thought we're gonna be lecturers? hahaha.

The same evening, i met up with my girlfriends Naza and Jess at Upperstar. Although only the three of us showed up we had a reaaallly fun time talking about the good old days at All Saints High School. Im so glad we're still close (and still the same girls that i used to know way back) as ever. There were suppose to be seven of us at our reunion but since some of them have commitments now, it's kind of hard for them to go out. But it's ok maybe they'll come at the next reunion. We used to be called the "Geng Cermin" girls at school because all of us have mirrors in our pockets and always have our "mirror-check" moments hahhahaa.. talk about being vain! ..young and already vain with the power of seven! hahahahhaaa.. but those days were the good days. I miss my Geng Cermin girls..

What a good day today has been.

♥ P.


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